Science and Planet in The Starliner, the space that the Us and Boeing is building for the American astronauts to the space station and to conduct a noodtest successfully.

When the test is about 95 seconds, it was examined whether or not the capsule itself, in case of an emergency during the launch can quickly unplug it from the launcher, so that the astronauts on board are safe and can return to the earth.

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The capsule was mounted on a small launch pad in the woestijnbasis White Sands is located in the U.s. state of New Mexico. Four noodmotoren was the Starliner more than 1,300 feet in the air for decades, and then they with the help of parachutes back to earth where it landed. In this way, it was a case of emergency will be simulated.”In the first of these indications, the test is a success,” according to Boeing.

According to current plans, would be on the 17th of december, an – unmanned – test flight will take place of the Starliner to the international space station (ISS). However, that date has been repeatedly postponed. Might be, in 2020, the first manned flight to take place.