Racing Genk in the words of Jürgen Klopp yesterday, to Racing Genk, belgium. The success coach of Liverpool, the future for the Limburg operation. With the right, and the reason is because, over the years, through a whole team, to the parts of the world, in the Luminus Arena.

“When we came into their stadium and all the players saw that Genk will have to come along, I thought to myself: “thank goodness, we need it now, not at your isp’. It is incredible to think of which players they are all over the world have sent, and I want to be the club of the year. Genk is a good story.”

By these words shook no less a person than Jürgen Klopp yesterday, with praise for the Racing Genk.De German, a former player for the Task at the same time, with Divock Origi, and know that the team, over the years, a lot of players in European top leagues has to be delivered.

to the extent that you have a team you can build with a world that is ever going to be the first team of Genk came out on the market. Divock Origi, Dennis Praet and Yannick Carrasco, forgetting for a moment the good policy. They were made by Racing Genk in the training, but would never play for the main body of an army. That is the only criterion by which we abide. Time to put it to the test and team up with a net present value of almost 470 million euros to put together.