Multimedia, more and more people are convinced of the benefits of the smart light bulbs, and they last a long time, and they are friendly to the environment, and the different colors make it extra fun. You attach it easily to your home network, so that it can be controlled from your tablet or smartphone device. Our technologiespecialist took debekendste seeing the big picture. Philips, Hue,

Philips Hue smart lighting system-brand the company to Signify (one of Philips Lighting) is operating, the current market leader. It is also the brand with the broadest range of approximately 70% of all the smart light bulbs, which are currently being sold are of the Hue-regions. The product range consists of more than 200 different products, from common light bulbs about lighting strips fitted flush into to the exterior.

For a starter pack of three bulbs and a dimmer switch, and a bridge – the price is 155 euro. The app is easy to use and has a number of useful features. That way you can have multiple groups of lights to create. The light recipes are very encouraging: for example, there are schema s, with a very relaxing lighting, or just the schema’s that you’re alert to keep up.

“in The right light, it makes you even wakkerder than coffee,” said George Yianni, head of technology Signify. “We are long overdue to examine how the light and the right boost it can provide. Using the Hue-light bulbs users can view the results of this study also apply at home.”Click here to view the Philips Hue light bulbs.

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