The environment of the veegarm the Dutchman, Boyan Slat, with a new project for the world’s oceans clean. Together with his team, the Ocean Cleanup, has a large petty criminal is made. The machine, the Interceptor, floats on the rivers, and the langsdrijvende waste to sweep up. It is there to prevent the mess in the first place the sea. Slat, the Need you tonight in Rotterdam, the netherlands.

on the oceans driving millions of pounds of waste. It is to become a plastic soup, but it’s going to be more than just a plastic container. The veegarm of the Slat is located in the middle of the largest floating garbage dump, the pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii.

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it’s by Far the most of the floating garbage coming from the slums of Asian cities. Millions of people live close to each other in a desperate situation. There will be no refuse collection and no garbage. The garbage can is only one side of the river.

According to the Ocean Cleanup, 1 per cent, of all the rivers in up to 80 per cent of all our waste into the ocean. The Need need to to source. “We want to clean up what is already in place, but also ensure that there is still more to come,” explains Slats, right hand Lonneke Holierhoek out.