Boxing, Yves Ngabu, it is the European title for the cruisergewichten will be lost. The West-Flanders lost in the heart of London’s O2 Arena titelkamp at britain’s Lawrence Okolie. On a technical knock-out, put it on the tie. Ngabu, with 21 profkampen on the counter and looked for his first number.

“I don’t think he is going to be able to displace. Okolie has never fought against someone who may be as hard to turn as the self-proclaimed Ngabu for the camp. Our fellow countrymen have had it twice already with the success of his European title be defended, but the third time was too much for him. After a lot of pushing and drawgear in the first couple of laps got a Ngabu in the seventh round is very difficult. After a barrage of blows from the Okolie was to Ngabu, even all the way to the north will be lost. The referee did not hesitate and called Okolie out to be the winner by a technical knock-out. According to the Monaco official was the Belgian will not be able to continue boxing.

Steve Jamoye, who is the WBA Continental title at the weltergewichten of You, “ ” The Destroyer” Benn ambieerde took place in the fourth round of the British writer j. K. O. hit. Ben lost has never, in 16 camps, in 11 times, winning by K. O.). In the ranking of the Jamoye are 26 wins, 8 losses and 2 undecided camp.