The foreign soccer, Borussia Dortmund was not a move away from Schalke 04. The geelhemden, with Axel Witsel, the whole of the match, and Thorgan Hazard as a thick, half-an-hour, between-the-lines, hung on for a 0-0-draw, and should be there in the final not in the least to murmur. Benito Raman was missing in the selection of the team.

the Four-times Matondo, who was missing, Sané, who is on the cover strip laps, Serder to the pole, and Burgstaller, who have been trying for the line saw the home. The Königsblauen had plenty of opportunity to get to Dortmund puntloos to return home to us. On the other side was just a Sancho, threatening, beat the keeper and Nübel, and returned twice to have a shot. In the Bundesliga, where everything is close to each other, is jumping for the Borussen with this one point, to a provisional third place. Galatasaray is the seventh place.German international Mario Götze suffered a hand injury on, but Dortmund after the match on Twitter.The severity of the injury is, as yet, little is clear. Götze goes down later on today for a röntgenscan.

Thanks to a narrow 2-1 win against Union Berlin, Bayern Munich have become the new leader. Pavard, and Lewandowski scored for the recordkampioen. The aansluitingstreffer of Polter from the top of the bullet came a bit too late.It had something to do with doelpuntde the first player in the 57-year-old history of the Club, which in the first nine men at the front book find. The Pool arrived last week on a line with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who will be in the season of 2015-2016, on behalf of Borussia Dortmund in the first eight matches played and managed to score a goal.

Even in the German first division did Dodi Lukebakio appearance.With a semi-bicycle kick he scored good for Herta Berlin.