The mystery of the disappearance of Crimean gold in the Great Patriotic

History 29/01/20 the Mystery of the disappearance of Crimean gold in world

a Collection of gold items that were once stored in the Kerch Museum, considered one of the most unique in the world. In the beginning of the war the staff of the Museum, trying to save the exhibits, put them in a suitcase, which later turned out to be a partisan. The values became known to the Nazis. Search for “Golden suitcase” was even created Sonderkommando.

the Contents of the “Golden suitcase”

writes Nicholas Nepomniachtchi in his book “Crimea. 47 stories about the past and future”, the basis of the collections of the Kerch Museum was the collection of objects collected by the famous archaeologist Pavel Alekseevich by Dobroksom. However, some things disappeared during the Civil war, but most values are still preserved. Moreover, the funds continued to be regularly replenished. In the vaults of the historical Museum there were buckles, and bracelets, and coins, and pendants and even a tiara Gothic Queen. All of these items were made of gold and decorated with precious stones.

At least, such exhibits were listed in the Kerch Museum to the great Patriotic war. In the early autumn of 1941 on the Peninsula, the evacuation began. The Museum staff had to save not only their lives, but also the unique pieces of art. By order of the Director of the Museum Julia Marty exhibits Packed in 19 large crates to be sent to Krasnodar. Priceless is the “Golden collection” (all 719 items), according to Michael Bakumenko, the author of the book “Treasures in the fire of war”, laid in a plywood suitcase, upholstered in leatherette that Marty brought from home.

“Journey” of gold

With great difficulty and risk to life Julia Marty and the instructor of the party Committee of Ivanenkova managed to deliver 80-pound “Golden suitcase” in Krasnodar. When there was a threat of approach of fascists to the city, Ivanenkova sent the boxes and suitcase in Armavir. From this point on for valuable cargo, said the instructor of the special Department of the local Executive Committee Anna Avdonina. At the direction of Audacious, gold was stored in the House Councils of Armavir. If you believe Alexander Kosarev, the author of the publication “the Famous treasures of Russia” in August 1942, when the Germans approached the city, residents were hastily evacuated. Avdonina rushed to save the suitcase with the exhibits.

With the help of his nephew Anna Avdonina brought the suitcase to the Executive Committee. The Chairman got hold of a car and transported to the village Calm. Vasily Vedeneev, in his book “100 great mysteries of twentieth-century Russia” writes that Audacia passed the suitcase in storage in Pokojninsko branch of the state Bank. In the same 1942, the village was occupied by the Germans, but, according to Vedeneeva, in the Bank of the Kerch values were not available. To conceal the finding, according to the researcher, the Nazis probably would not have become: on the contrary, would have trumpeted it around the world.

the fate of exhibits

No official documents regarding the fate of the “Golden suitcase” after its transfer to the Department of the state Bank of the village, Quiet, not preserved. Only thanks to the testimony of Anne of Audacious, who is quoted in his book “Famous treasures of Russia”, Alexander Kosarev, it became known that the branch Manager of the Bank Jacob Loboda, going to the partisans, took the suitcase with him. While Loboda fought, the Museum’s “baggage” was kept at the headquarters of the guerrilla unit. But then traces of priceless art was lost completely.

Jacob Loboda, as the edition “In the hands of the old castle: documentary essays on the search for a lost cultural values,” Abner Ovsyanov, was shot by the Germans. Before death man was tortured, perhaps in order to learn the whereabouts of the “Golden suitcase”. Frequented by the Nazis and Audacious: surely they knew that it was in her hands for some time were Museum exhibits. But the suitcase was never seen again. According to Nicholas Nepomniachtchi, notsplyl treasures and later. Similar objects of art do not appear any more at auctions or in private collections.

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