Another 29/01/20 “will Always be the schnapps and women”: what is promised by the Germans to General Vlasov

From the front of the wives of officers and soldiers of the Russian liberation army (ROA)* have different social and financial situation in the territory occupied by the Nazis and different fates after the Second World war. The most “loving” turned out to be the head ROA*, a former Soviet General Andrei Vlasov – living at his wife his captive had at least two LECs.

the Novels of Bellenberg and other

As confirms an employee of the University of Oxford Ekaterina Andreeva, who wrote a book about Vlasov and the ROA*, after the capture of former Soviet General promised that he “will always be the schnapps and women.” Before being captured, Andrei Vlasov, according to official figures, lived together at the front with two outdoorsy field wives, one of whom even became pregnant from him and she was sent to the rear.
Frau Bellender was a full-blooded German SS oberführer Erhard Kruger claimed that they Vlasov even officially married.
In the book by Oleg Smyslov of collaborators, in particular, include memories of captain of the red army Mikhail Yakushev, who participated in the capture of Vlasov in the American zone of the occupation of Pilsen in may 1945. In the salon stopped by Soviet soldiers “Skoda”, there were several people, including the woman (her name is not called), when asking front-line caught wife Vlasov. The head ROA* was hiding in the same machine under a pile of blankets.

there is Also a documentary proof of the front-line wife of major-General ROA* Grigory Zverev, who at the beginning of may 1945, took poison and died in front of my husband. Zverev this fact is greatly demoralized, driven to severe depression. He tried to shoot himself, knocked out while his eye, but survived. Almost immediately after the suicide attempt the beast was captured and later hanged along withe Vlasov and other traitors.
These details are also reports in his book Ekaterina Andreeva.

One of the most famous memoirists of the Vlasov movement, last commander of the squadron razvedivatelno one of the divisions of the POA* the captain (captain) George Chavchavadze fought together with his wife Irina (she was a staff typist). Some authors historical research it is also called personal translator Vlasova.
Gregory Chavchavadze, and his wife were among the few prominent figures of ROA*, survived the war. Chavchavadze died in Canada in the late 90s, and his wife in 2001 in the state of Nevada.

there is Hardly a historian who in his research, although able with precision to hundreds to count and convincingly documented, confirm the quantity field military wives (LVP) from Vlasov. As the facts show, the officers of the ROA* was as common-law wife (concubine), who accompanied them during military movements of the parts (like Zverev and Chavchavadze), and “steady” girlfriends (as Bellenberg Vlasov).
However, there is another category of wives of Vlasov, who was in Germany, but has not enjoyed such privileges, these women officers of the POA*.
In the German archives is preserved the letter is a plea for help, dated may 1944, and addressed to Lieutenant-General George Zelenkova (one of the closest supporters of Vlasov in ACPD headed the Department of propaganda; hanged in 1946 in Butyrka).
collective Letter, the authors – the wives of soldiers and officers of the POA*, who worked at the Dresden paper mill. Women, many of whom had young children, complained of exhausting work and a very meager food supply. The letter emphasized that with them, the German high command is drawn in cattle, whereas in the time promised all sorts of benefits, the authors call the German army “related to us.”
did this address any consequences is unknown. However, the fact, according to historians, confirmidet the position of the leadership of the Third Reich, where collaborators not much confidence felt in this case the wife of the Vlasov their rights did not differ from other Ostarbeiters.

*-an organization banned in Russia

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