Maria Laecken accused Kolobkov and Pozdnyakov in the troubles of athletics

three-time world champion in the high jump Maria Laecken accused former sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov and President of the Olympic Committee of Russia Stanislav Pozdnyakov in serious sanctions, which may fall on Russian athletics.

on Wednesday, the independent athletics disciplinary body of the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) recommended that the Council of World Athletics (formerly IYAF) to consider the issue of exclusion of the club from the organization due to the lack of explanation in the case of athlete Daniel Lysenko. AIU also recommends extension of the ban on the issuance of status neutral athletes, the Russian athletes. This measure will hit many Russian athletes, including and Laecken.

“I’m furious that holding at that time a post of the Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov and the current head of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov ignored all the complaints of athletes about the team of Dmitry shlyahtin, continues to lead wfla. All open letters did not find the answer. The recent decision by the AIU in the zone of their responsibility and their fault”, — quotes the words Laecken TASS.