The destruction of a U-2 near Sverdlovsk in the USSR shot down a spy plane

History 03/01/20 Destruction of a U-2 near Sverdlovsk in the USSR shot down a spy plane

Very often the official version of the events does not coincide with reality. The security services of all countries withhold information that the public is better not to know. That’s the story of an American pilot Francis Gary powers, shot down may 1, 1960 in the skies over the Urals, has been corrected in favor of political interests. The inhabitants of the Soviet Union was not informed, for example, that the RAID was tragically killed the pilot of a Soviet MiG-19 Sergei Safronov.

It was exchanged for Abel

Usually, Francis Gary powers (Francis Gary Powers) in the books of local historians mentioned due to the fact that on 10 February 1962 downed pilot was exchanged for the legendary Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (alias William Fisher). This event took place on Berlin’s Glienicke bridge.

Many authors have stressed that the exchange was unequal: a regular pilot who conducted spy aerial photographs of secret facilities by the CIA, not comparable in scale of the personality with the person who from 1948 to 1957 were collected and transferred to the USSR secrets of the U.S. nuclear program. For example, the opinion in his book “Abel – Fisher” (Moscow, 2011) was expressed by the famous writer and documentarian Nicholas Dolgopolov.

Indeed, the powers can be called normal human, despite his extraordinary destiny.

Biography of spy-pilot

Francis Gary was born in the family of a shoemaker from the state of Kentucky in 1929. Graduated from College and joined the army, having no particular prospects in life. Shortly after graduate school and United States air force pilot drew the attention of the CIA.

Because powers and his wife Barbara dreamed of his own house, the young family did not have enough money, an invitation to join the secret service the pilot took, as his salary rose sharply, from 700 to 2500 dollars per month.

However, during a spy flight over Soviet territory pilot was shot down, and after landing on a parachute – arrested. According to the official version, the spy plane U-2 was damaged by a Soviet rocket. A year and a half powers held in the famous “Vladimirsky Central”, is not yet a decision was made about the exchange.

Upon returning to the United States Francis Gary worked in company Lockheed test pilot, then became a commentator on radio. His last place of work was the Agency news KNBC, powers was carrying a TV crew in a helicopter.

“is it True that something went wrong in the relationship with his wife, stretched out his with his parents from Soviet prison. Frank quickly divorced, to be married to the lovely sue. They had a son…,” wrote N. M. Dolgopolov.

the helicopter Pilot powers died in 1977, returning along with cameraman George Spears with shots of the fire raging near California-Santa Barbara. Cause of the collapse of experts called the lack of fuel.

the Order to go to the RAM

After the Soviet collapse were uncovered many mysteries, which for decades kept the military and security officers. It turned out that the real story of the downed American U-2 aircraft and very different from the official version.

a Former pilot, the major of a stock Nikolay Shutkin I wrote the book “the Crash and adventure” (Moscow, 1997), which brought memories of the real participant in the dramatic RAID of Igor Mentyukova, hid the truth on the advice of the KGB of the USSR for more than 30 years.

the Soviet pilot reported that American spies often flew into Soviet territory, using the fact that our MiG-19 could not rise to the height of 20 km, and the missile was able to detect and shoot down those U-2. So, on April 9, 1960 a spy plane flew across the country from the Norwegian to the Iranian border. Then the command of the air defense forces got a beating from the country’s leadership and personally N. With. Khrushchev.

“And six pilots – one of them was, and I’m the captain the commander, in a short period of time retrained, replaced to supersonic high-altitude long range fighter-interceptors su-9,” recalls I. A. Mentyukov.

a Small airfield near Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) became the pilot location of the temporary Parking lot, when he surpassed new su-9 with factory located in Siberia, on the territory of Belarus. And in the early morning of may 1, 1960 the pilot was awakened and summoned to the airfield. Had a telephone conversation with the commander of aviation of the air defense forces of the Soviet Union E. Y. Savitsky, who reported on the approach of the spy plane. The order was simple – RAM. That is, to face the U-2 at altitude of 20 km, speeding up to maximum speed. It was certain death. Moreover, on the plane of powers already brought the sights of his missile troops of air defense.

I. A. Mentyukov could not refuse to perform a suicidal order, just asked the leadership to take care of after his death of his mother and his wife, who then waited for child.

What happened in the sky

Even on the MiG-19, which are not adapted to this, the pilot-ASU has been able to reach a height of 17 km, 300 m, and a brand new SU-9 without heavy weapons on Board up to 20 km without problems. Coming up with the enemy, I. A. Mentyukov sent his plane for him.

“He went into a right turn, why no one understood. In one word, you hear in the headphones: “the Purpose of the right turn”. Snooping eyes can’t see it. Convergence is neither more nor less than 550 metres per second! And I slipped a little above him,” – said the pilot.

That is, powers have avoided the collision, and it saved the lives of both pilots. However, the lightweight U-2 landed in the conversion trail combat su-9, the air flow is so twisted American spy plane that he broke up in the air to pieces.

However, the Soviet authorities announced that powers was shot down by a missile. As suggested by I. A. Mentyukov, it was made to “…to convince the enemy that now air the country’s borders are tightly closed against any threat”.

in addition, valiant rocketeerand refused to ascribe the laurels of a successful RAID, and the pilots and everyone who was aware of KGB officers have been advised to remain silent. However, I. A. Mentyukov was rewarded wristwatch “Saturn”.

by the Way, powers after returning to the United States in numerous interviews claimed that he was hit, not a missile, a Soviet pilot whose plane he saw.

How he died, Safronov

in Addition to Igor Mentyukova the RAID involved two pilots captain Boris Ayvazyan and senior Lieutenant Sergey Safonov. They rose into the air on the MiG-19, which is not even technically be able to get U-2. The AA guide decided to err, because if it powers down the failed General’s shoulder straps would fly off my shoulders. At the same time in the sky was launched homing missiles, one of them was the cause of death of S. I. Safronov.

“In the confusion everyone forgot about what we need to change the code “foe” because our planes were made for other people, realistic goals. That’s why I’m actively firing in their area divisions of major Voronov and major Sheludko. Had to maneuver to evade missiles. Them I one released. Three for pilots Ayvazyan and Safronov,” recalls I. A. Mentyukov.

And if Boris Ayvazyan was able to maneuver and evade, his colleague was the victim of circumstances. Sergei Safronov was posthumously awarded the order of the red banner.

N. M. Dolgopolov in his book “Abel – Fisher” offered another explanation for why our air defenses shot down his: “After the explosion of the first rocket on the screens of the indicators appeared the ripples. Don’t have any serious experience With start-75 officers decided that the enemy used interference. Confidence that probably was shot down, was not. Then came the fateful order for Safronova. Missile automatically took aim…”.

by the Way, American historians argue that during the cold war over Soviet territory was shot down 20 aircraft, U-2 pilots who presumably died.

powers tolien to explode

Lieutenant-General of justice Nikolai Chistyakov participated in investigative activities in the case of powers. In the book of memoirs “the Secret tribunals of the KGB. Catching “moles” (Moscow, 2011 year of publication), he wrote: “the American organizers of the flight of the spy plane in case of failure, it was the intention by any means to conceal a crime. They have invested in the plane, two explosive devices to blow up a car and do not leave any physical evidence…”.

Cost pilot click on the bailout, would have worked an explosive device. Perhaps the pilot knew about it. Powers managed to get out of the crumpled cockpit of the rapidly falling U-2, and his parachute opened automatically.

However, representatives of the CIA, denied that he was planning to kill the pilot in case of detection. They argued that powers knew about the explosive devices, which could destroy the plane with spy equipment without endangering their own lives.

After landing, the American was detained by the inhabitants of the village Kosulino village and Kitchen the Peter Sabinin, Vladimir Surinam, Anatoly and Cheremisin Leonid Turakina. People celebrated may day, when the sky toward them came down a jumper in the headset. They at first took him for an astronaut. But then I realized that this alien, and handed over to the authorities.

Interestingly, among spy equipment powers was a needle with a virulent poison, which he had to take in the event of failure. It was discovered only by careful search. Francis Gary could commit suicide, but didn’t want to do that.

About the neighbor-Estonian

Famous writer-dissident Anatoly Marchenko in his book “My testimony” which was distributed in samizdat in 1967, revealed that powers was kept in Vladimir Central in the special conditions. It even turned the neighbor-Estonians, who spoke English, which was regularly speak to the spy, as well as the USSR.

“So vain, of course, hoping our prisoners that American pilot, once at home, we can talk there about this circle of hell – this prison life powers and did not snort,” wrote A. T. Marchenko.

Francis Gary not hungry, well nourished, often walking, the guards treated him correctly. This greatly surprised the usual inmates.

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