The German Panzerfaust was surprised by the red army

History 03/01/20 Than the German Panzerfaust was surprised by the red army

In 1943 the red army was formed the so-called “trophy brigades”. Their task included collecting, recording, storing and distribution of weapons, uniforms, ammunition and other property left by the enemy troops or the red Army. Earlier with the similar functions, the red army could manage well enough on its own, though by the Charter the use of captured weapons or uniforms were prohibited.

the Captured technology

Even after 1943, when the Soviet Union as a whole has coped with the shortage of armored vehicles and artillery first war years, the country still had a shortage of metal. Therefore, the captured enemy machine gun and has always been valued highly. Historian Alexander Samsonov in his study “Money from Stalin” says that the soldiers received a monetary reward (from 200 to 500 rubles, depending on rank, position and kind of troops) not only for every destroyed tank or a gun, but for the seized equipment.

And for the trophy were paid 3-5 times more – because the technique can be used in the fight against the enemy, if she was on the move and there were shells (by the way, this was one of the reasons for the formation of a special trophy teams). For new samples that are sent to landfills for the study of captured equipment, awarded separately. But the most valuable trophy before the end of the war was its armor. For retaken back from the enemy or repaired and evacuated from the battlefield, the tank could get up to 5000 rubles. It and is clear – to operate their machines was easier, more familiar and cheaper.

the Trophy hand gun

Not to say that the red army German small arms loved: its characteristics it is either consistent with, or inferior to Soviet counterparts. But as trophies it took, especially in the first years of the war, when there was an acute “arms thLod” — a significant portion of the Soviet weapons were lost in warehouses, boilers, during the retreat.

One of the most coveted trophies from enemy soldiers were German guns. Indeed, in the red army such weapons have implemented a strict command structure and the troops of the Wehrmacht guns were artillery, machine gunners, drivers. Trophy Mauser C96 was a cherished dream of Soviet spies, suppliers, nurses and cameramen.

I Loved the red army and the German machine guns. By the middle of the war trophy MG-34/42 were in almost every part of this was due to its maintainability, reliability and agility which he excelled, and “Maxim” and “Degtyarev”.

an Ice – grenade launchers

In the red army grenade was not, therefore, our soldiers and officers were perceived as a miracle. They worked well against vehicles and fortifications, especially in the end of the war, surrendering much in terms of fighting spirit, the Germans were throwing them on the battlefield. Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov in his memoirs said that the Panzerfaust in his army were armed with all the anti-tank Riflemen. That is not surprising, because according to statistics more than half of all grenade launchers, issued by the German industry became Soviet booty.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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