What are the rewards, the Germans handed over to the Russian traitors

History 03/01/20 Which awards the Germans handed over to the Russian traitors

July 14, 1942 by the decree of Adolf Hitler established a special award “Medal Eastern volunteers”, intended for presentation to Soviet collaborators, which, according to Nazi doctrine could not be honored for their service the same orders that the German military.

Before the establishment of

Since the outbreak of hostilities in the territory of the USSR before the appearance of this coin a little over a year, but during this period on the side of the Nazis moved a lot of the traitors had time to Excel in atrocities against their former countrymen. To celebrate their valorous service and inspire for new achievements, the German command initially violated the laws of the Third Reich, presenting them with awards intended only for Aryans. But it so happened that at the part-level commanders simply made up quasienergy, who had no formal proof of status. Such a strange sign, called “the Silver Cross of the Liberation”, in January 1942, he was awarded the commander of the Ukrainian division Timenko, shot of Soviet soldiers near Feodosia.

the Contenders for the award

After the introduction of “Medals of Eastern volunteers” defectors volunteers who joined the ranks of auxiliary services and units of the German forces, the police and the SS became the owners have a real state awards. To do this they had to take the initiative when performing tasks on the front and beyond, to participate in punitive operations against the civilian population, to detain resisters and personally shoot them.

inspector-General of the Eastern troops of Hitler and the Reich Minister of the occupied Eastern territories had the right to award the prize might be looking for candidates for it among those who served in the “Eastern groups”.

This group of collaborators andwhether the soldiers of the Russian liberation army (ROA), Turkestan battalions of the Crimean Tatar units, Cossack units, Ukrainian units, and other national divisions that when they do not agree with the policy of the USSR gone over to his enemies.

in the autumn of 1942, “the Eastern volunteers Medal” would be awarded to the Germans, the commander of the “Eastern forces”, in may 1943, the list was supplemented with members of shuttsmanshaft and security parts, and from February 1944, it was awarded to the Aryans, who had the cross “For military merit”.


“Medal of Eastern volunteers” was performed the eight-pointed star in the Central medallion which houses resembling a swastika Oriental floral ornament – a six-petal flower surrounded by leaves of Laurel.

the Award was made of zinc, over which was applied a topcoat bronze, silver or gold colors.

under the Statute, the order was divided into two types – “For bravery” and “merit”, which differed from each other in appearance. In the picture of the medal “For courage” careful observers may have noticed two crossed swords that were absent at the award of merit.


the award was 5-level structure. Gold and silver medal of the I-th degree, was attached to the left breast pocket with pins, and of the order of II degree was worn on the ribbon. Bronze on dark green, silver — green with white stripes at the edges, and gilt on light green with red lines on the sides.

the Winners of II-nd degree could instead of orders to attach to a lapel or strap the ribbon corresponding to the colour of the medal. If the “Medal of Eastern volunteers” II-nd degree were the Statute “For bravery”, the film was placed in gold plated, silver plated or bronze crossed swords.

According to the documents of the awards, which encouraged the collaborators were officially equated to the existing premium system fascist state. Its significance is the order “For courage” of I-th extent with the Iron Cross ith class, and “For courage” II degree – the Iron Cross II degree, while all the medals “For merits” was equal to the Cross “For military merit without swords.”

However, despite this, the medals of traitors had a low value in society and in the military environment, and in reality they have never been compared in importance with the Iron Crosses that were on the paper.

Awarded by

Over the years of the great Patriotic war in different parts of the Wehrmacht were up to 1 500 000 Soviet citizens traitors, of which only a small proportion received the “Medal of the Eastern volunteers.”

among the first awards of the I-th class with swords was awarded the air force commander of the ROA General-major Victor Maltsev, engaged after the transition to the enemy organization of anti-Bolshevik military units, the creation of the Eastern Russian aviation group activities and propaganda in the pow camps.

His medal “For courage” II degree to the organizer of the Russian national labour party Ivan Annunciation, Colonel Sergei Bunyachenko, commander of the Russian liberation army of Andrei Vlasov, as well as the pilot “1st Eastern squadron of the Luftwaffe” Semyon Bychkov, to treason to receive the gold star “Hero of the Soviet Union”.

For the successful destruction of the Belarusian partisans and fruitful cooperation with the Vinnytsia police earned its award “For courage” II in bronze officer of the security police of the Wehrmacht, Ivan Omelianovych-Pavlenko, and 28 ranks were in his obedience 109 battalion of the Ukrainian security service.

Medals of merit were awarded defected to the fascists, heads of administrations of the occupied territories, it is known that it received the mayor of Kiev, Vinnitsa Forostovsky and his colleague Savostyanov.

the Nazi propagandists did not escape the attention and is loyal to his civil workers. So in the winter of 1943 “for saving valuable property from Bolsheviks” was awarded a bronze star 17 Zhitomir workers.

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