The businessman from Tatarsk, caught the thief-recidivist on trial for kidnapping

In 2016, the businessman from Tatarsk Denis Efimova were robbed of 1.5 million rubles — three times a thief entered his store cell products. A businessman has found a suspect local resident Vyacheslav Sergeev, was detained and taken to the police Department. In response, the police accused the Efimova and his friends, Roman and Dmitry Basalyko, arbitrariness and kidnapping. In December 2017, all three, fearing punishment, fled. They were declared internationally wanted. Two years later, on may 28, 2020 — Efimova was detained in Omsk. Roman Basalyko awaits extradition from Belarus, and Dmitry Basalyko surrendered himself and is now under house arrest. During this time, the man in the kidnapping of which they were accused, and still was found guilty of shoplifting Efimova, time and again went to jail for another attempted theft from the same store. Details — in the material criminal journalist Alyona Istomina.