You have already open a cafe and annuals! The reaction of Novosibirsk on relief from Travnikova — 10 angry phrases

Monday in the Novosibirsk region began with the new exemptions regime of self-isolation. GGovernor Andrei Travnikov allowed from June 22 to work all the shops with separate entrance (but still not for shopping centers), and from June 24 will open in the region, the museums and the zoo. Readers NGS, as always, remained indifferent to the decisions of the government. In half a day they left more than 400 comments. We chose the brightest opinions — we publish a selection, continue to discuss.

— When everything was closed, then shouted that we should all open. Now, when the restrictions are removed gradually, people are again unhappy. It’s good that the shops with separate entrance open, and museums. Well, what’s wrong? It is clear that while stable in the day about 110 people ill. But this is a common fault! People wear in transport and public places have masks and gloves, use antiseptics. Please! Let’s get together to fight the spread of this infection. The more responsible we all, the sooner we can get back to normal as it was before the virus, writes a reader under the name Victoria I (by the way, this comment was the most “salibandy”).