Spetsbrigada saboteur sudoplatova: how to fight the partisans, the NKVD

History 21/01/20 Spetsbrigada saboteur sudoplatova: how to fight the partisans, the NKVD

the First partisan detachments were formed from the red army who was surrounded, border guards and local residents. However, without organized support of the NKVD, they would have remained disparate groups incapable of a deliberate struggle with the occupiers. To create a powerful movement in the rear of the Germans sent thousands of trained employees of the Commissariat of internal Affairs, who organized and led the guerrilla groups, was in charge of carrying out acts of sabotage and was getting people’s Avengers to the “mainland”. Thanks to them, the partisans became a major force that influenced the outcome of the great Patriotic war.

the NKVD as an organizer of the partisan movement

From October 3, 1941, Order No. 001435 was created 2nd division of the NKVD, which had the responsibility for organizing the partisan movement in Nazi-occupied territories of the USSR. In January 1942, the structure was reformed in the 4th office, headed by the legendary intelligence officer Pavel Sudoplatov. In addition to guerrilla activities, management has been implementing agents of the occupation administration, preparation and transfer into the enemy rear saboteurs, the creation of a network of residencies.

major-General Vyacheslav A. Osin in the report “the Role and place of intelligence in the military structure of the state security” said that during the war the NKVD had prepared and thrown into the German rear 2222 group. The exact number of deployed soldiers is unknown, but it is in the tens of thousands. The operatives joined the local agents that with the beginning of hostilities was transferred into a “sleep mode”. Even before the outbreak of war in the border towns on the Western border of the USSR organized underground group, laid caches of weapons, ammunition, explosives.

Historian V. I. Boyarsky, in his book “the Guerrillas and the army: the story of lost opportunities,” writes that by September 1941, the NKVD was subordinated to 37% of the guerrilla and subversive connections. By may 1942, the figure was 90%. Drawing on archival documents, he came to the conclusion that 90% of the partisan units that participated in the war, was prepared and organized under the auspices of the NKVD.

the War behind enemy lines

December 6, 1941, the NKVD issued a Directive: “About the organization of activities in the enemy rear guerrilla groups, destructive and subversive groups”. According to the document, the backbone of the guerrilla should have done the operatives of the NKVD, the police and local security agents. The number of unit of the people’s Avengers should be in the range of 25-30 people, fighter groups up to 15, commando to 4 fighters.

Connections relied: “a sudden raids and attacks from ambush to destroy the major communications manpower, military equipment, military supplies and vehicles of the enemy, disorganize food front.”

the Famous Explorer of the guerrilla movement, V. N. Andrianov, wrote that in Ukraine, by July 1942, the Security organs left in the enemy’s rear, and threw 778 guerrilla groups. By the end of August 1942, with headquarters supported only 216. The rest were destroyed by the Germans. Researcher A. Popov argues that in 1941-1942 the mortality rate among employees of the NKVD, abandoned for the organization of the partisan movement, was 93%.

the Brigade major sudoplatova

Later, 5 days after the start of the war, on 27 June 1941 began the formation of a Separate motorized rifle brigade of special purpose NKVD. He commanded a division of major of state security Pavel Sudoplatov. In the winter of 1941, the brigade participated in the battles for Moscow, in 1942, the OMSBON was involved in the organization of the partisan movement, which massively threw in the German rear troops trained employees.

In a report on combat activities of the OMSBON sudoplatova of June 27, 1945 stated: “From February 1942 until the end of the Patriotic war, a detachment prepared and sent for subversive work in the rear of the German fascist invaders 108 units and groups with a total of 2537 persons and individual performers more than 50 people — more than 2580 people.”

According to the archives “partisans to the KGB” derailed enemy trains 1415, knocked out of 92 km of railway lines, blew up bridges 335, destroyed 240 km of cable. During the sabotage attacks they destroyed 344 industrial enterprises and warehouse. More than a thousand times the guerrillas have engaged in battle with the Germans and their collaborators, made 87 successful assassination attempts on representatives of the Nazi civil and military administration.

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