What surprised the Soviet scientists who studied Lenin's brain

History 21/01/20 That surprised the Soviet scientists who studied Lenin’s brain

In scientific circles there is a theory that the brain of a genius differs significantly from the brain of an ordinary person. Especially, this theory was popular in the first half of the XX century when in the USSR and abroad, and actively studied the brains of most outstanding representatives of humanity. It is not surprising that the brain of Lenin researched in the first place.

the ideal human Brain

the very next day after the death of the leader of the world proletariat, its internal organs, including the brain, were gently removed from the body, which was subjected to embalming. It was assumed that in the future, the brain of Vladimir Ilyich will be studied to determine those features that were responsible for the genius of this man. At least so thought the contemporaries of Lenin. The most amazing is that if Soviet scientists, were able to conduct the embalming of Lenin’s body, which no one ever before them did, for studies of the brain of the leader was somehow invited a German scientist Oskar Vogt on the recommendation of Clara Zetkin. However, it was really an outstanding expert, who led Germany Institute of brain research, the Society for the promotion of Sciences named after Kaiser Wilhelm. The main purpose of his work was an attempt through the study of the brain of great men reveal characteristics of the brain of the “ideal man.” In turn, the Bolsheviks such a person is considered V. I. Lenin, having decided that his brain must explore Oscar Vogt. Lenin died in late January 1924, and in February the student arrived in Moscow to participate in a meeting of the leading scientists in the Institute V. I. Lenin. At the meeting, including present doctors conducted the autopsy of the body of Vladimir Ilyich, his embalming and removal of internal organs.

the Brain of a genius or idiot?

the Main issue of the meeting voiced by the head physician of the 2nd City hospital Boris Weisbord: “Can cytoarchitectonically study to give an indication of material evidence of the genius of Lenin. All present, including Vogt, answered in the affirmative. An outstanding scientist wanted to do several thousand very thin slices of the brain of the leader for carrying out research, including by comparison with similar sections of ordinary people. In the Soviet Union from Germany were delivered to the lab equipment Vogt. In may 1925 was signed the relevant contract and the work began. The brain of the leader using a special tool microtome divided into 30963 slice. Then each slice was stained with a contrast agent and placed between the panes, so that they could watch a slide show.

Most interesting is that quite quickly Oskar Vogt found that the third and fifth layer of Lenin’s brain are more developed than the similar layers of the brain of an ordinary person. Commissariat, and Soviet Newspapers, then loudly declared that the study of the brain of the leader has been scientifically proven his genius. In 1927 Oskar Vogt reported on the work done before by the Soviet government, and in 1929 issued a report in Germany. His study of Lenin’s brain provoked a lively scientific debate around the world. And then, suddenly, came the scandal. Professor Spielrein also carefully studied the slides of sections of Lenin’s brain, transmitted by the Vogt categorically stated that the same deviations are mentally retarded. His conclusion was closer to the truth, since it is known that before his death Lenin was seriously ill, was partially paralyzed, could barely written and spoken. The Kremlin resented. Vogt has been canceled the visa to the USSR, and the equipment of his laboratory in the Institute V. I. Lenin confiscated. Further study of Lenin’s brain were conducted by Russian scientists.

the Genius – out of doubt

the Final point on the question of the genius of V. I. Lenin was set on may 27, 1936. The Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee received the report “Study of the brain LeNina”. In it the authors argued that the brain power of the leader is equal to the work of the ten hemispheres “average people”. As confirmation of these words cited the results of the measurements of the furrows of the frontal lobes and fissures of the remaining shares in Lenin’s brain and other prominent citizens of the USSR: Bogdanova, Michurina, Mayakovsky, Tsiolkovsky, Pavlov, and many others. From that moment the image of Lenin as a brilliant man, was finally established in Soviet historiography.

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