The youngest generals of the Soviet army

History 21/01/20 The youngest generals of the Soviet army

the Rank of General refers to the highest level of military ranks, so in order to attain required more than one year. However, it was in the Soviet history and a fairly young generals. One of them was Vasily Stalin. But the rank of General and received other soldiers who were not much older than the chief’s son.

Vasily Stalin

The youngest servicemen of the national army, became a General, can be called Vasily Iosifovich Stalin, son of the Soviet leader. Stalin Jr. decided on the choice of future profession pretty quickly. Having ended nine classes, he enrolled in Kachin red banner military aviation school them. A. F. Myasnikov. After that, according to Nikolay Zenkovich, author of “The secret family”, Vasily Stalin studied at the air force Academy and also at the Lipetsk aviation training courses commanders of the squadrons. Courses he graduated already before the war.

Roy Medvedev, the author of the book “They surrounded Stalin” says that during the war the command of all the forces tried to save Vasily Stalin from risky operations. Moreover, according to Medvedev, the son of the leader of the discipline was no different. Maybe that’s why you assign a General rank no hurry. If you believe the Nelly Goreslavsky, the author of the book “Joseph Stalin. The father of Nations and his children,” major-General Stalin became after only three performances. Stalin agreed to this only after persuasion of Nikolai Bulganin. “Do you really think he’s worthy?” – surprised Stalin, but the document signed. It happened in 1947, when Basil was only 25 years old.

Grigory Kravchenko

Grigory panteleyevich Kravchenko was only three years older than Vasily Stalin when he was awarded the rank of General. Coming from a simple peasant family, Toravchenko as the chief’s son, also learned to fly in Kachinske. After graduating from aviation school he was working as an instructor there. Subsequently, Grigory Kravchenko took part in various armed conflicts fought in China, the battle of Khalkhin Gol, fought on the fronts of the Soviet-Finnish war. Before the great Patriotic Kravchenko managed to become twice hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant-General had received in 28 years, in 1940 (A. I. krikunenko and other authors of the book “We are your sons, the capital”).

However, until the end of the war Kravchenko to live was not meant to be. According to Vyacheslav Bondarenko, the author of “100 great awards in the world”, the young General died in February 1943 in the battle. The plane of Grigory Panteleyevich La-5 was shot down by the enemy. The General managed to leave the room, but the parachute for some reason did not deploy. Kravchenko fell on the territory of location of our troops, but despite the rendered first aid, to save him failed. The vessel with the ashes of the Hero was placed in the Kremlin wall.

Vladislav Achalov

But Vladislav A. Achalov found their final resting place at the cemetery Troekurov capital. As Alexander writes Margelov in his book “the Commando №1”, Vladislav always proudly called themselves Margelova (V. F. Margelov – the commander of the airborne troops in 1954-1959 years and years 1961-1979). On his grave through the efforts of the Union of paratroopers of Russia, a monument was erected. And for good reason: Vladislav Alekseevich do many years of his life devoted to airborne forces, which he joined immediately after graduating from the Academy of armored forces. Five years later, Achalov was appointed commander of the 7th airborne division and two years later he was promoted to the rank of major-General (A. Verkhovsky, A. Papp and V. Pribylovsky, “Political extremism in Russia”). Then he was only 34 years old.

the Commander of VDV General began in 1989. However, according to Leonid Mlechin, author of “the Committee-1991. The untold story of the KGB Russia”, scored by Vladislav A. not on the battlefield. During Augostovsky of the events of 1991, he led the staff development of the use of force in support of the emergency Committee. The night of August 21, according to the developed plan, all power units were in their original positions. But to give the team the start of the storming of the White house without the written authorization of the leaders of the emergency Committee Vladislav Alekseevich did not dare.

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