Of Leuven, Louis Tobback (sp.(a) was just the title of the ereburgemeester in the university theatre. Tobback is a look back happily on the 24-year mandate in the city but I was not asking for the title. “I am flattered, but I think that all the titles would be superfluous. I just hope that after I die, do not come up with a Tobbackstraat or Tobbackplein,” said Louis Tobback.

a Former Leuven’s mayor, Louis Tobback (sp.(a) it was evening, the theatre is expected for a particular academic session, with himself in the lead role. The city council adopted a long time ago to Louis Tobback, the title of the ereburgemeester to provide you with a minister from the local government Bart Somers (Open Vld) is of the opinion that title is more than appropriate, given the track record of Louis Tobback, a 24-year mandate at the counter. In the presence of minister of state Mark Eyskens (CD&V) was given to Louis Tobback, the honorary title, but in too much enthusiasm, you should not have to rely on Tobback, if it is of such a recognition are going to.

I’m wearing the scarf is very unusual as mayor of the city. If they don’t recognize me in the face, then they don’t know.

Louis Tobback (sp.(a), ereburgemeester of Leuven, Leuven


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