Car is In German, Zwickau, and is today one of Europe’s largest production plant for electric cars in the restart. This happened under the watchful eye of German chancellor Angela Merkel. The plant of Volkswagen in Zwickau, it was a conventional plant. That is, it was fully converted to the new, all-electric seriemodel ID.3 to build it. ID.3 it should be just as successful as the Beetle and the Golf. The future of Volkswagen, there is an important part of that.

The first IDENTIFIER.3 rolled out today, the band is in the presence of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, Herbert Diess, the head of the Volkswagen Group. The start-up of production of a revolutionary electric car, ushers in a new era, says Volkswagen: ‘This model is just as important as ever with the introduction of the Beetle and the Golf.We are facing a systemic-to elektromobiliteit. The question is not whether the electric car is going to break out, but how quickly and in what regions of the world for the first time.”

in The next few years, Volkswagen in Zwickau, though, about 100,000 of the cars built on the EIA-platform, Modular Electric Drive Array), in the medium term, each year to 330,000 units is planned.With about 1,700 of the robots, stand-alone systems and fully automated production processes need to Zwickau, it is a symbol of the large-scale and carbon-neutral production of electric cars. For the manufacturer, there are a 1.2 billion euro will be invested. If the German manufacturers did not change, however, the Chinese brands such as Geely and BYD are ready for Europe and japan).