It is rare to see a highly anticipated MMORPG released. This is even more true when the game in question has been around for many years. Lost Ark is in such a position with its upcoming Western release.

Although the game was released in some regions prior to 2019, it is now making its way west thanks to Amazon Games. They also published New World. This is where you can play Lost Ark before its official release.

Lost Ark Early Access

Lost Ark will not be released until Friday 11 February. However, you can start playing on Tuesday 8 February! You will need to buy any of the Lost Ark Founder’s Packs on steam. There are four options to choose from.

  • Bronze Founder’s Kit – PS13.20/14.99

  • Silver Founder’s Package – PS21.00/ $24.99

  • Gold Founder’s Package – PS42.99/ $49.99

  • Platinum Founder’s Package – PS87.99/ $99.99
    The Head Start item is included in all packs. This will give you three days of early access.
    Each pack includes basic items such as a pet, an aura, and an in-game title. The Platinum Pack is worth the money if you are prepared to spend the extra cash. You’ll have unlimited access to the in-game shop and can purchase any item you want once you reach certain levels.
    You can also choose to not pay for the game before launch. The game will be available free of charge starting Friday 11 February. These founders packs are a way for Lost Ark fans to get in on the action early and potentially boost their accounts to an equivalent level to their other region accounts.