NEW YORK — In a crazy season with all these ups and downs, think about the previous 12 weeks of Aaron Tveit.

The ” when it had been abruptly shuttered from the coronavirus. He then contracted COVID-19 himself. He recovered to give his voice to aid efforts, captured a couple high-profile acting gigs and then landed his first Tony nomination.

“It is difficult to have perspective,” he explained. “I only think that is going to want just a small bit of time and a tiny bit of a 25,000-foot perspective to find out what really happened in the previous year.”

Two back-to-back strikes came in months last March when his series had been shuttered after which Tveit became among the very first Broadway celebrities to talk publicly about contracting COVID-19.

“I wanted to sort of say,’Look, I am someone that actually manages my wellbeing and I’d love to think I am in great form.’ I was essentially trying to say’This will affect anybody.

Tveit, 37, says that he suspects that he was sicker than he believed at the moment. For many weeks, he slept 13 hours each day but mercifully, his lungs were not affected. “It was just like a dreadful, horrible sinus disease.”

A couple of weeks afterwards, he had a flare-up. “With regards to lasting effects, I believe I have been OK,” he explained. “I know a great deal of people who really, really endured. I consider myself really fortunate that I got by with as gentle a situation because I did so.”

Tveit summoned the power to give his support to get out-of-work celebrities — linking stars such as Sutton Foster and Jeremy Jordan to get a benefit concert hosted by Rosie O’Donnell and singing”Marry Me a Little” to get a Stephen Sondheim birthday party.

“It felt really significant to me to be contained but also the concept behind it: ” We could nevertheless be a community, so we could still learn to come together under these conditions,” he explained.

“Gratitude does not even explain how I feel,” he explained of the job. “I consider it every day since I know so many men and women who have yet to be able to operate in any way. The issue of paying of having the ability to encourage families and pay invoices — it is it is truly catastrophic.”

Tveit’s first major gig was at a”Rent” tour and he also made his Broadway debut as a substitute in”Hairspray” and then”Wicked.”

A bright spot in a dark season was “Moulin Rouge!” Earned over a dozen Tony nominations, which the firm celebrated using a Zoom toast. “I’d love to believe that our show would have done too in almost any year. So I am very pleased with this job that we have done,” he explained.

Unopposed, he is poised to triumph, provided that 60 percent of Tony Republicans vote in the group.

“It is the most crazy thing it only worked out like that. But I am so thankful and I take it nothing but as a consequence of the hard work I put in the series,” he explained.

Producer Carmen Pavlovic calls Tveit a distinctive musical theater celebrity whose outspoken ability”just blows you away,” crossing ballads and all-star stone amounts.

But additionally Aaron’s enormous body of work which attracts his livelihood journey to this exceptional moment,” she explained.

Tveit sees something of a silver lining at the Broadway shutdown: Long unaddressed societal issues are being analyzed, top one of them racial representation on each side of the curtain.

While advocating contributions to the national services group The Actor’s Fund, he champions Black Assets Issue classes, anti-racism associations, bail aid and transgender resources.

“I have done lots of listening,” he explained. “I have tried to simply close my mouth and hear what around me and exactly what people need and what individuals feel and look at just how I may or might not be helping.”

When Broadway restarts, he expects the tough work can last of ensuring all individuals have equal access to theatre work, not simply friends or people advocated.

“I believe that if this means for some time making a concentrated attempt to check past the standard, then perhaps five or 10 years from today finally we will be in a far better location,” he explained.