How much debt was left by Vladimir Vysotsky

Biography 01/01/20 How much debt is left Vladimir Vysotsky

Despite the fact that those who knew of Vladimir Vysotsky, argued that the artiste never wasteful, he still lived in a big way, at least by the standards of their colleagues. Vysotsky loved to give gifts to relatives and acquaintances, and sometimes even staged the “days of distribution of banknotes”. It is therefore not surprising that after the death of the bard had left large debts.

“Days of distribution of banknotes”

According to the parents of Vladimir Vysotsky, as a child artist was distinguished by kindness and generosity: he gave them to the children in the yard, their toys, and bikes, which was bought by his father during his service in Germany, gave before leaving a German boy. According to the recollections of many colleagues “in the shop”, which is given in the book of Valery Perevozchikov “Vladimir Vysotsky. Only the closest”, the bard remained so until the end of life. So, Director Nicholas Tamrazov claimed that Vysotsky sometimes handing out money for no reason. With Tarasovym agreed and Ivan DYKHOVICHNY. DYKHOVICHNY was told that Vladimir Semenovich has arranged so-called “days of distribution of banknotes”. Usually, this “event” took place at the restaurant of the WTO. The table Vysotsky was the long line of people waiting to get free five.

don’t skimp Vysotsky and on my half, Marina Vlady. If you believe the historian Boris Sokolov, author of the book “Suicide of Vladimir Vysotsky. “He died himself”, a close friend of Vladimir Semenovich Valery Yanklovich admitted that the poet has gained for Vladi beautiful furs and jewelry. Yes, and himself an artist, too rarely what is denied. For example, according to Fedor Razzakov in his book “Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady. The bard and the Frenchwoman”, in 1974 Vladimir Semenovich bought two BMW car: grey and beige colors. Moreover, the RA’zac said that while the poshLina just one car was 8 thousand rubles.

the Amount of debt and its causes

Despite the words of Fedor Razzakov that Vladimir Vysotsky had a lot of money considerable, all of the above expenses they would not have enough. In the movie, his shot rarely, and poems and records for a long time did not published. It is not surprising that by 1980, when Vysotsky died, left for him a huge debt. So, writer Artur Makarov claimed that his many friends and acquaintances Vysotsky owed 37 thousand 800 rubles. Of these, 5 thousand were engaged Vladimir Semenovich, the famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. At least, such data results in his book “the Friends of Vladimir Vysotsky” Yuri Sushko.

it is Noteworthy that the debt is almost 38 thousand rubles was formed mainly due to the expensive gifts that the allegedly showered Vysotsky Marina Vlady. Insisted friend of Vladimir Vysotsky Valery Yanklovich. However, the historian Boris Sokolov believes that the Yanklovich made it up in order to hide the information about which huge sums of Vladimir Semenovich spent on drugs. So Igor Urazov, the author of the book “the Fake Vysotsky”, also writes that, earning, for example, in Belgorod for 3 weeks of concerts 11 thousand rubles, the bard here could spend them at your leisure, including alcohol and drugs.

the settlement with creditors

But whatever you fork out Vladimir Vysotsky: on jewelry for his wife, cars or drugs, the presence of the artist’s debt no one has ever denied. If you believe Yuri Sushko, author of the book “the Friends of Vladimir Vysotsky”, the obligations of the settlement with the creditors bard took Arthur Makarov. Marina Vlady wrote on Makarov’s power of attorney and he sold the car of Vladimir Semenovich, and gave money to anyone who owed the deceased. Interestingly, no one from cash not refused, and some even took advantage of the situation to elicit more than. So Makarov recalled that one day it resorted to “adjutant” Vadim, to whom he has already handed over 5 thousand, and announced that the bard owed him 700 rubles.

according to Viktor Bakin, author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky. Life after death”, the only one who took the money, turned out to be Zurab Tsereteli. Arthur Makarov told me that Tsereteli said: “In Georgia, if a friend dies, you carry the money to his family, and can not tolerate.” Later, the sculptor has shared with journalists that shortly before his death, met Vysotsky in the movie House. Bard rushed to assure Tsereteli that soon will return the money to him. But Zurab Konstantinovich just shrugged: what kind of scores between friends. But Vladimir Semenovich insisted: “give them Back!” According to Tsereteli, Vysotsky has compiled a list of the creditors, in which Zurab was listed as the first.

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