What secrets the US invaded Russia during the war with Georgia in 2008

History 01/01/20 stena.acacia secret US invaded Russia during the war with Georgia in 2008

the First in the XXI century war on the European continent, as it is sometimes called in the West the armed conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008, Russia militarily went controversial. On the one hand, it is impermissible for a collision with an opponent in a lower class losses and revealed problems with the communications equipment of the military. On the other – the achievement of important strategic goals and the total superiority of Russian weapons. Was a nice bonus in the form of a large number of captured military equipment, in which there is a lot of interest for national defense.

From the “Glocks” to “Pions”

Five days that the conflict lasted, was rich in spoils. Only according to official data of the defense Ministry, the enemy had occupied up to 150 armored vehicles. They were mostly samples from the “Soviet past” of Georgia’s T-72 tanks, SAM batteries “Buk” self-propelled guns 2S7 “Pion”, armored personnel carriers. But it was also the machine of the present NATO: Turkish armored vehicles “Cobra”, all-terrain vehicles Land Rover, pick-up Dodge and even speed boats Sea Doo.

And that’s not to mention captured four thousand units of small arms, including nearly 800 American rifles M-16A2, M4 carbines and Bushmaster XM-15. Among them was even the “highlights”: a few German HK G36 rifles, machine gun PC Bulgarian-made AK-47 – Czech, “Glocks”, “colts” and the CZ-75.

everything else in the national army got the battle flags of the 11 battalion of light infantry and the 21-th separate sapper battalion of the Georgian armed forces, communications and reconnaissance, mobile power foreign production. The latter was presented to the Russian side almost more interesting than all the weapons combined.

However, the most important trophy was the servicemen of the armed forces almost a week after the completion of the active phase of the fighting around the port of Poti on August 18, they were stopped and seized five armored Humvee – M1151 and М1152. The cars were almost new – 2007 and with mileage of 400 kilometers. On the body, each of them sported the factory sticker with the inscription “US property”.

When “filling” more of the car

Version of how American humvees were in Georgia vary. According to the Congressional Quarterly weekly publication covering the activities of the Congress of the United States Humvee in early August arrived at the military base of Vaziani near Tbilisi, ostensibly to participate in joint Georgian military exercises. According to the plan they had become a kind of command centres from which would guide forced marches of tanks T-72A. However, due to the outbreak of hostilities the American leadership took the decision to evacuate equipment and personnel. And in that moment, when armored vehicles quietly and peacefully stood in the port, waiting for loading, along with two containers of another staff property, was raided by Russian troops.

the defense Ministry is a very different view of what happened. Five cars, according to the Agency, was arrested on the way to Poti, where they were going to take away “containers with humanitarian aid from the United States.” Humvees were seized because they were machines of Kalashnikov and other weapons. Confiscated by the military and two transport containers with the property of the American armed forces stationed in the port.

Later, the commander of the marine corps of the United States General James Conway announced that four Humvee was normal, and one armored. He also said that “none of the HMMWV was nothing like secret equipment”, they “did not have a radio, only standard radiopurity”. But even despite this, the commander stressed that Washington intends to expose Moscow to account for the Hummers. Then the Pentagon has repeatedly issued statements and appeals inredo the technique.

to Understand the concerns of the us military can — the cost of one only of the military “hammer” reaches an impressive 540 thousand dollars. At the same time for the US army these off – road akin to the expendable: in Iraq alone, it was destroyed several thousand of these machines. Just Conway most likely was cunning, and those that the Americans lost in the middle East, was very different “guts”.

“No accident, as we have seen, the Pentagon is worried about his “hammer”. A lot of interesting things we found in the stuffing of these cars and continue to work in this direction”, — said on 26 August 2008 Deputy chief of the General staff of armed forces Anatoly Nogovitsyn.

a Separate issue is the contents of the containers seized in Poti. The official representative of the U.S. Department of defense Brian Whitman claimed that the equipment having a high value for intelligence, the incident was not compromised. However, he acknowledged that it does not have all the information: doesn’t know what has got Russian and who actually owns the containers. However, the Washington Times claimed that Russian troops had seized sensitive equipment.

after some time it became known that the confiscated machines were a closed system of encrypted communication and recognition of “friend or foe” equipment to determine the exact location and weapon guidance systems a GPS signal and a system allowing to receive data from American satellites for early missile warning for the air defense system. Military experts suggested that a squad of five “hammer” and a “land Rover”, captured together with them, is a reconnaissance and information center, which can provide command and control on the battlefield.

according to “Caucasian knot”, in the defense Ministry believe that the discovery actually opened the security system of the United States.

In the return denied

Naturally, to lose such valuable trophies, the Russian side is notTala. Moreover, almost all of them were aimed at a detailed study. Carefully who have not seen the Hummers and filling. Captured T-72 tanks were used for evaluation of the modernization of Soviet technology, Western technology. A captured assault rifles and carbines went to the research Institute of the Russian Ministry of defence and was used for research.

the Rest of the captured weapons was shown at the “show of winners” in Abkhazia, and then handed over to museums in the Kubinka tank Museum, Ryazan and other cities of the country. And no instance is returned either in Georgia or in the United States.

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