Why plan the collapse of the USSR was coined in a private Corporation, USA

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In January 1992, when the inhabitants of the former USSR to disentangle the effects of a market “shock therapy” and the collapse of a single country, the US President George W. Bush solemnly declared victory in the Cold war. But the us leader did not mention the enormous role in the collapse of the Soviet Union played a private company the RAND Corporation. Meanwhile, according to historians, this firm was the “brain trust” of the American establishment, which managed “to bury communism”.

“think-tank” of Washington

In the late 1970-ies of the policy of detente in relations between the Western world and the Soviet bloc ended. International tensions have risen sharply after the start of the war in Afghanistan. It was followed by a mutual boycott of the Olympic games in Moscow and Los Angeles. In 1983 President Ronald Reagan publicly declared the Soviet Union an “evil Empire.” It is not surprising that American policy needed a clear plan of action, which would allow them to do away with the “Soviet threat.” With this aim, the Washington officials have once again requested the services of a commercial strategic research center RAND Corporation.
This “think tank” originated in 1946 at the initiative of the commander of the air forces of the United States Henry Arnold and with the participation of aircraft of the company “Douglas”. Initially, the company was really involved in the problems of military aviation, but then the scope of its competence has expanded significantly. Thanks to the involvement of many specialists from different fields of expertise the company has solved any problem cross-disciplinary method. RAND stands for Research and no development (“research without development”), which emphasizes the focus of the Corporation on scientific activities. Since 1948, the centre ceased to depend on the company “Douglas” thanks to the fundsam received from the Ford Foundation. The most important customer of the RAND Corporation was the U.S. government.

“We remind intermediaries, searching for, collecting and interpreting knowledge for consumers”, – stated in the guide RAND.

“to Strike at the Soviet Union”

In the book of the American researcher Peter Schweizer’s “Victory. The role of the secret strategies of the US administration in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp,” explains that in 1981 the group of experts under the auspices of the RAND gathered to develop a “strategy for the collapse of the Polish economy”. In addition to the old employees RAND Charles wolf and Henry Rowan, participated in the discussion invited as expert former Vice-President of Chase Manhattan Bank Roger Robinson. The banker spoke out against the original plan, which was to ensure to bring Poland to bankruptcy. Instead, he invited the Pentagon to “move the scope a few degrees further and to strike directly at the Soviet Union”.
“we Need to delay the construction of the first section of the pipeline and to prevent the second phase, to refrain from subsidies on official loans and the transfer of modern technologies Moscow. This was our first step,” said Robinson.

It was about the construction of export gas pipeline Urengoy – Pomary – Uzhgorod, which was attended including American firms. Most experts RAND supported the idea, and as such, the report was laid on the table of President Reagan. Robinson made an adviser to the head of the White house. In December 1981 Reagan had announced the imposition of sanctions against the Soviet Union associated with the military situation in Poland. The embargo on the supply of oil and gas equipment in the Soviet Union lasted until the fall of 1982. And Robinson, using the influence in the financial sector, has done everything to Western banks have stopped issuing loans to Moscow. These measures undermined the Soviet economy, which eventually became one of the causes of the collapse of a superpower.
currently, the RAND Corporation continues to produce reports and reports on the problems of post-Soviet space. For example, as reported in the media, former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko allegedly planned to use the plan developed by RAND Corporation to subjugate the Donbass by military means.

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