IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed in a military operation by special Us units in the north-west of Syria. That the American president, when He confirmed during a speech. Al-Baghdadi would have to be inflated with a bomvest when the units are in the building, stormed to where he hid. “He died like a coward dog, running, and crying,” said He in his speech. Three of al-Baghdadi’s children were killed.

Twitter wrote at Home last night and at first the mysterious message that says, “There’s just something really great happened!!!” Followed by hours of speculation in the media about the death of the leader.“He’s dead,” announced Trump, right, at the beginning of his speech. The president has called “the most ruthless terrorist organization.”

The terreurleider was chased into a cul-de-sac tunnel at his place of residence. There was no way out, over time, he bommengordel life. He took three children to death. The body of al-Baghdadi, was crippled, but the tests have shown that it is actually to the leader is, according to Trump. There was also a “great number” of al-Baghdadi’s fighters were killed. The eleven other sons of al-Baghdadi, remained unharmed, and by the U.s. military, is included.

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The operation took place in the north-west of Syria, in the village of Barisha, in the province of Idlib (near the Turkish-Syrian border. He would be about a week ago and have given permission. During the mission, no military personnel were killed. “It was perfect, as if you were watching a movie,’ said Trump, in his acceptance speech. During the operation, it was also “sensitive information” is extracted, for example, the organization of the future.