In a shooting rampage at a campusfeest in Texas Greenville, there are at least two people were killed and sixteen others injured. That is reported to the police. The culprit could be caught. His identity is initially unknown.

The event, in which around 750 people were present, was held in a hall near the campus of Texas A&M University-Commerce.De the victims are all teenagers or twenty-somethings, according to police. Sixteen people, including four or five of the students were in need of care. Twelve of them were bullet wounds on it. Some of them were on-the-spot care, while others have been transported to the hospital. Three people are in critical condition.

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The police department shall take into account the possibility that the first victim was purposefully targeted, and the shooter on any of the rest of the congregation would have a shot.

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According to the police, talking to witnesses against the offender, and the investigation against them. “It is very disturbing that many of the people present us with better information about the gunman have been able to provide,” says Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks. “Because of the many conflicting descriptions of it, we have, unfortunately, no firm information about the accused that we are able to provide.”

The party to where the students were gathered together was called a “homecoming party”, all of which are in North America, traditionally the beginning of a new school year is to be celebrated.