In antwerp, The will to overcome. Are you heading to the cemetery to have the grave of your brother’s visit, and you will see that the ballot box has been stolen. It just happened to be the family and Godrie. When Anita made it to the tomb in 2017 and brother Cisse was in the church cemetery Steytelinck in Wilrijk, and found them to be nothing more than an empty shed where the urn was. The family is at a loss, and will be left with lots of questions. “Why is our brother?”

“We want our brother back and we’ll try to answer the question of what a person is, the ballot box has been stolen.” This is where the Godrie over the past few days now. “I’ll sleep there”, says Ingrid, Godrie. “Every day I go to the cemetery, to the bike, in the hope that I will be in the ballot box, our Cisse will find but for the time being, without result.
Empty boxes

it was The sister of Anita, last week’s chilling discovery. “My sister came to me one night to tell you. She told me that I needed to sit down, and it should not be a shock for us. I knew right away that she meant it. Anita was not the kind of person that this joke would be here.” The family went to the cemetery and found the empty box, the ballot box was no trace of him.

The family remains at a loss are left behind. They don’t have a clue who or what a person is, the urn of their father, would want to steal it. “It Is a revenge? We have one person do? It is an old grudge from his brother? We have a lot of questions, but no answers, is going to She continued. “What We have here is a lot of sadness. We would like to have our brother back so we can once again have a place with him in it. That is, that the perpetrators are now taken, and that is very, very unfair.”