Many space missions to send women and men together. Since it is excellent to speculate: do you Have or do not have? – had Sex at All. And in zero gravity, anyway? It is one of the questions that interested the Public to space travel secretly especially and the could win, against the Background of long-term missions in space, such as to Mars, is also of relevance.

Ulrich Walter can answer them. Walter is one of the eleven German, the left in the space. In 1993, he launched aboard the Shuttle Columbia for ten days in space. Today, the physicist, is a Professor of aerospace engineering at the TU Munich.

“Sex in All, there were already”

The truth tells Walter in an Interview with FOCUS Online: “Yes, Sex in All it was.” But the United States it is not tested.

“are The Americans as somewhat prudish. They had one hundred percent never have Sex at All,“ says Walter. And, although such an attempt for Nasa would have downright offered. Finally, you are sent on a Mission a couple together. Mark Lee and Jan Davis were in 1992, aboard the Shuttle Mission STS-47 – but the Sex they had, explains Walter in the documentary Spacetime on N24.

Because Nasa made sure that the couple was divided into two overlapping layers, so that the slept for a then, if the other was awake and Vice versa.

The Russians want it

have tried that “Nasa is funded by public money,” explains Walter. You must therefore insist that nothing like this happens. But there are also the Russians and have it tested according to Walter, the one with the Sex in All.

In 1982, traveled to the then 34-year-old Svetlana Sawizkaja for eight days on the orbital station Salyut 7. There are two astronauts of the long-time crew were already waiting. This visit should be considered confidently as a first generation attempt at All, writes Walter in his recently published book, “hell of a ride through space and time”. The former Russian team doctor have, at least, confirmed repeatedly. “Junior didn’t come out in the Experiment.”

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Sex is like the dolphins have him

The sexual activity in the weightlessness is also not very easy. There are two possibilities of how this could work, says Walter. So the astronauts don’t drift apart in zero gravity, could you hold on to a pole. On the other hand you could take also the example of it, as it will make the dolphins. The dolphins are third in the Sex, often to two copulate and a third, the other two are not together, you drift apart.

The pleasure of being in space wouldn’t be very intimate – and on the international space station, ISS, anyway, not at all: “There is no unobserved space, at each corner is a camera,” says Walter. [no text available]

astronauts often sleep poorly

Sleep in microgravity is not easy because the Astronaut is not, it floats. “This is a psychological Problem", tells the Astronaut, in an interview with FOCUS Online, "because of the protection."

Normally, a cuddly blanket for example, on the body the impression of security. But in microgravity, nothing is there. “One has the feeling to be in the world delivered,” describes Walter. Therefore, astronauts often sleep poorly, and engage the according to experts, tablets to sleep.

compensation is the stunning views of the earth from up there. In the 90-minute rhythm, the sun rises and again. The view is from up there is quite different: “There is no blue sky when you look out the window,” says Walter. Who does not look in the direction of the earth into space, see above all: deep Black.

Sex is only one of the issues of the Astronaut and aerospace Professor in the N24-Doku explains, very entertaining. In the first part of the series, the from 17. October is six times aired Tuesdays at 21.05 PM, it’s also a question of how showers work on the space station, what are hazards on Board and whether there is alcohol up there.

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