is not Well-made well-intentioned. It must now learn the EU Parliament. With a proposal for the protection of the peasants, the panel is shot over the target. Because in the policy template is also a prohibition of the merger of Wholesale and retail in shopping communities. For the German supermarket Rewe and Edeka chains, that would mean the end. Also many cooperative organized bakeries could be affected by the ban.

originally for the protection of agriculture intended policy “to prohibit cooperatively organized trade”, criticized the Chairman of the Board of the Rewe-Group, Lionel Souque.

Although the supermarkets operate under their respective umbrella brand, they are not under a Central leadership, but individual merchants. These determine the product range and negotiate with local suppliers. However, standard articles, and own brands, the Headquarters, the negotiated prices for these products for all of your dealer supplies.

The Problem: Would have prohibited the cooperative would have to negotiate all the merchants, even with their suppliers. The result will be higher prices, because the individual traders were declining, leading to smaller quantities.

trade in horrified reacts

So the EU will be included-paper in the German trade with indignation: “The proposal is tantamount to a General attack on the small and medium-sized food trade”, writes Josef Sanktjohanser, President of the trade Association Germany (HDE) in the "world". “This ideological EU-regulation can meet the food trade up to the Mark.”

this rule of the Bavarian MEP Albert Dess (CSU) has Initiated. He had subsequently submitted an Amendment to that effect. Supported the concerns of his Union colleague, Peter Jahr, Norbert Lins, Jens Gieseke (all CDU).

Originally, the EU had submitted to the Commission in April, a legislative proposal by the farmers and small-scale farmers in Europe, against unfair treatment by large trading groups are to be protected. Among other things, Last-Minute-cancellations should be in the case of perishable products. Also significantly late payments should no longer be allowed therefore.

In the world, the office of Dess back row: The honourable member, it was a matter of international mergers as Agecore, in addition to Edeka and Coop from Switzerland and the French chain Intermarché belong to. The Alliance had forced in the spring of Nestlé in a price war – in the end with success. The results are secret, but in the stores Nestlé products.

the Directive is not adopted. It is now being discussed between the European Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council of the European Union. By the end of the year, the final Text is to be set. Should not speak in the plenary of the European Parliament, several dozen members of the current design, it would go to the European Parliament in the negotiations with the EU member States. The final Version of the law will then be negotiated with the countries of the EU.

Edeka, Lidl and Aldi Süd – "Serious crime against the environment": supplier to Edeka massive damage to the environment, FOCUS Online/Wochit have caused “Serious crime against the environment”: the supplier should have caused massive damage to the environment, pli Rewe