CNN cites in his report on two sources. One of them pointed out that the Saudi Arabian report was not yet complete and could still be rewritten. The second source said, in the report should be noted that the counter-Khashoggi directed Operation without the approval had expired from the top – and that those responsible would be held accountable.

Also, the American newspaper "Wall Street Journal" reported to explain the Kingdom was considering, Khashoggi was accidentally during an interrogation killed.

Was murdered Khashoggi of Saudi agents?

From Khashoggi, each track is missing, since he was on 2. October, the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul attended. Turkish investigators believe that the Journalist was murdered critics in the building of agents of his home country. Saudi Arabia denies this.

The case has been in the world headlines. On Monday, nearly two weeks after the Khashoggis Disappear by Turkish investigators were looking for the Consulate.

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