U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Krause, located in White Plains, stated during a digital hearing he discovered the alleged acts from Jeffrey Sabol, a 51-year-old born in Utica, New York,”beyond the light and it’s troubling to some level that’s actually… shocking.”

Krause said the allegations were”quite disturbing, deeply troubling” and Sabol had to stay behind bars as a threat to the neighborhood and also a threat to flee.

The judge said he saw video footage which showed Sabol heading back up the staircase following the initial officer was hauled down to possibly search for somebody else to bring”down these stairs to the teeth of the mob that was in the Capitol that day.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Benjamin Gianforti stated Sabol identified himself to law enforcement authorities because the black-gloved guy in the movie wearing a beige or tan coat, a black or grey helmet along with a green backpack.

“We see the suspect minding a police officer down a pair of stairs just outside the Capitol,” Gianforti explained. “This allows a different guy, who is standing near, to conquer that police officer using an American flag as the officer has been dragged down the stairs.”

The prosecutor stated other pictures reveal the defendant holding a police baton throughout a police officer, and”we’ve got reason to think he might have attacked the police officer to secure this baton.”

Gianforti stated Sabol had provided investigators”self-evident statements” stating he had been attempting to defend the officer but had “confessed to being in a fit of anger that afternoon and the specifics of the afternoon were quotation,’uncertain.'”

Gianforti noted that the video proof and stated:”I’d only submit that a photo is worth a million words”

After the assault, the prosecutor stated, Sabol reserved a trip out of Boston Logan International Airport to Zurich, Switzerland, in which he wouldn’t have the capacity to be extradited to the U.S.

Sabol’s attorney, Jason Ser, contended for his client’s release on $200,000 bond, saying the guy had continuous employment for years — Ser stated Sabol’s job, where he supervises other workers and contractors, entails removing unexploded ordnance from testing grounds for the army — as well as the help of family that comprises a longtime girlfriend, an ex-wife, three kids and parents.

He said video of those activities by his client were less clear cut as they were explained by a prosecutor and noticed that Sabol was now billed only with civil disobedience charges which carry a possible maximum penalty of five years .

He said that his client had been coherent, secure and cooperative with national law enforcement police later he underwent treatment in a psychiatric facility for a week and spent a few days in the Westchester Medical Center.

The judge and the prosecutor referenced Sabol’s suicide efforts in the aftermath of the assault, though Ser told Reuters agencies his customer was no longer suicidal.

“I am accountable for what Mr. Sabol was through because he left the Capitol but that I believe, your honour, his suicide efforts can be obtained as understanding of guilt and in some regard actually the greatest flight effort,” Gianforti explained. “That is a guy who simply can not face the simple fact that he’s facing a felony charge due to his action on Jan. 6”