Credova, the recent Nevada financing services transplant to its brand new home in Billings, Montana has quickly found itself making headlines once again. The alternative financing buy now, pay later platform that first found its legs in 2018 recently made the announcement that the time had come for the BNPL company to follow its intuition and replant its global headquarters in the middle of America’s adventure country, putting down new roots in Billings only a few months ago. It made perfect sense that a rebranding to Credova: Think Adventure would follow quickly on the heels of the company’s geographic relocation.

Needless to say, Dusty Wunderlich and his team of financing disruptors, have been very busy the last several months.  Finally today, with barely enough time to let the dust settle from its move, Credova has managed to throw down the most interesting and valuable piece of news the young company has seen all year long.

Credova’s New Social Initiviative

Earlier this week from a PR Newswire press release by Credova, the CEO Dusty Wunderlich was quoted saying, “We want to be part of the solution, and believe in supporting our employees by providing an actual livable wage,” says Dusty Wunderlich, Credova CEO. “The minimum salary of any full-time employee at Credova is $75,000,” Wunderlich continued. “We value our employees, their families, and want to support them throughout their experience working with our company.”

Wait. Back up. Every single human that gains employment from the Billings-based BNPL company will make a starting wage of, at least, $75,000. What an exciting turn of events for the Montana State University seniors majoring in finance and outdoor adventure. Your ship just came sailing in.

In an effort to address and begin to resolve a handful of social issues that have plagued the US for decades and only seems to get worse as time marches forward, Credova’s $75,000 livable wage initiative directly combats the gap between livable wage and actual pay in so many states and cities across this country. Credova reported in Washington DC, one of the most expensive cities in America, the gap between DC residents’ annual median income (about $45k) and what experts say is a livable wage in DC (around $67k) is only a discrepancy of $20k. Only? This huge gap does not stop with the citizens of DC. This type of egregious discrepancy happens all over the country from California to Maine.

Is Credova Setting Trends?

So, kudos to Credova. With this mammoth initiative now in play, the alternative financing platform has set an extremely important bar very high for similar companies in the future. Frankly, we are in an employee’s market with the “Great REsignation” era upon our country since the pandemic began to settle and employees began quitting their low-paying gigs in an effort to find increased salaries and, more than that, to wait for the right job that will give them that livable wage, but will also increase happiness.

It is very likely that initiatives like Credova’s ‘$75k new employee starting pay’ will become more and, more a norm for company’s that are in desperate need to fill vacancies in their corporate setup.

The idea is that this type of initiative if taken on by company’s across the nation, could very effectively lower the recently skyrocketing number of children that currently live below the poverty line.

Taking Up Social Causes in the Corporate World

We are not going to watch childhood poverty disappear across the nation tomorrow, but with an alternative financing platform like Credova making this type of statement, it can do nothing but excite those Americans who have been pushing Congress to increase the minimum wage even higher in hopes of finding more balance for more Americans.

Congratulations to Dusty Wunderlich and the team of visionaries at Credova. The upfront investment in your employees will only stand to propel even faster growth overall for the financing company

About Credova

Credova, created in 2018, presently has a staff of roughly 25 full-time employees and another 20 contractors. According to Wunderlich, the company plans to expand by recruiting individuals from the area. This will be the first time we have worked with the institution to recruit graduates and draw from the local talent pool, he added. The firm understands that the only way to gain a competitive advantage is by attracting the top talents the market has to offer.