The statistics are harsh. Seven out of ten couples created during college time break up. If you don’t like such a prospect for you and your girlfriend – read this article. Since today we will tell you how to save your feelings on the new stage of life and keep a happy and lasting relationship.

It should definitely be mentioned that all advice comes from well-known dating experts, representative of the website Following their tips, 70% of separations can be avoided. Sounds promising, isn’t it?

Propose to your girl only if you sincerely want it.

Many men who are now divorced say their first marriage ended so tragically because they decided to do this for the wrong reasons. Among the most popular ones is pressure from family and friends’ side. No less common is the desire to be in a couple with someone really gorgeous to make others jealous. The same goes for striving for financial stability. All these seem logical, but it is certainly not the right motivation. Because there can be only one reason for marriage: you should just want to be close to this person for the rest of your life. The only thing that really works is sincere admiration for each other. Without this part, the proposal has never made anyone happy.

Respect is the most significant thing in a relationship.

Those who have behind them 20, 30, 40 years of married life claim that the most important factor of happiness, in the long run, is respect for each other.

The fact is that conflicts in couples are unavoidable. And sometimes lovebirds hurt each other’s feelings, no matter how much they love one another. So if you argue from time to time – it’s absolutely okay. But the only thing that will help you stay together for a long time is mutual respect. The feeling that you value and trust each other above anything else. Just never forget that you also need to respect yourself.

Be honest about everything.

It is to say you need to talk frankly, especially about what hurts you. If something does not suit you in a relationship, say it out loud. When your lady realizes you are sincere, it creates a feeling of mutual trust, thanks to which intimacy goes to the next level.

Yes, honesty can be painful, but you still need it because it’s an ideal basis for happily ever after. And, when you think about it, total trust is also crucial to cope with such an unpleasant feeling as jealousy.

Both of you need some privacy.

One of the most crucial aspects of a relationship is not to get lost in your love completely. The key to success is different bank accounts, separate credit cards, and privacy, in general. Even vacations can be taken independently from each other. Some of those who gave advice to newlyweds even suggest using separate bathrooms and toilets, but this is difficult to arrange right after getting a college diploma.

It might sound strange. And, indeed, many young men and women are afraid to give their partners so much freedom. And all because they feel a lack of trust – they are not confident in themselves and their relationships.

It often seems that if you let a loved one do what she wants, it will turn out that she no longer needs you. Unfortunately, if you can’t do this – such an attitude has nothing to do with respect. And, like you already know, it’s essential.


A long-term relationship is a kind of job. However, your feelings will always be strong if you give each other a good portion of freedom. It includes spending time with friends, having personal hobbies, and even different political views. Do you think you can do this?