Couch is out of the league from 2003

The Cleveland Browns were hit hard by positive coronavirus testing ahead of a crucial Saturday game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Case Keenum and Baker Mayfield were both notified by COVID-19 protocols that they had been diagnosed with the illness. This week, 11 Browns players tested positive. Nick Mullens was activated by Cleveland. He last played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2020. He will likely be starting against Las Vegas.

Browns fans began to think of other names that could be used as backup quarterbacks in times of crisis. Former No. 1 draft pick Tim Couch was mentioned. Former No. 1 draft pick Tim Couch was mentioned and seemed excited about the idea.

Retired NFL quarterback, he said he could pass the ball to Nick Chubb all the time.

“I’m ready. Let’s get this done. He tweeted, “I can pass to Chubb and throw [screens] throughout the game haha.”

Couch, 44, is the same age as Tom Brady and entered the league one year prior to the New England Patriots selected Couch, the future stud quarterback. The 2000 Draft’s 199th pick.

Couch was a Browns quarterback from 1999 to 2003, but he retired after trying to get onto other teams. Since their return to the NFL, he was the Browns’ first quarterback to lead them to the playoffs.

He finished his career with 11,131 passing yards and 64 touchdown passes.

He has done some broadcasting work for different networks during his career after the NFL and is in good shape. From time to time, he posts a thirst trap on Instagram.