Today, more than 5 billion people in the world have a mobile device. Notably, at least 2 social media apps are installed in each gadget that people check throughout the day. These figures prove that social media deserves attention because it provides a venue for promotions. Thankfully, you can use an online video editor like the Promo Editor to create stunning messages that wow your followers.

Clearly, the phase of marketing changed as older strategies are now not as effective. Before, people received one-way messages with no potential for direct feedback. Thanks to social media, your business and clients can now interact directly. If your customers find your posts delightful, they can immediately comment, like, or share.

Thus, you can forge a stronger relationship with your followers. If you feel lost about what to do on social media, take a look at these 7 hacks that will effectively promote your brand on all social networking sites. Let’s get started!

Start By Selecting the Right Platforms

You may feel overwhelmed by the number of social media sites that allow you to share your content. Though it may be tempting to post them all, that move is counterproductive. You must make smart choices to conserve your limited resources. Instead, choose the right platform for your business. To determine the channels, consider the following:

  • Conduct swift research to see which platforms your clients’ hang out on.
  • Take a look at the type of content they like for each channel.
  • Consider which platforms work best for your products.

For example, if you sell clothes online, it would be good to showcase direct product pictures on Instagram. You can also post promotional fliers or video ads made with your online video editor on Facebook. Meanwhile, a video production company will benefit more by uploading longer video materials on Youtube.

Create a Content Calendar For Quality Posts

Staying organized helps you create better content. After all, as the saying goes, “failure to plan is planning to fail.” When you scramble to create last-minute content, it will result in low quality. You may end up repeating posts or sharing lackluster ones. As a result, it can turn off your followers.

Thus, for best results, use a content calendar for planning. Having everything laid out assures you to avoid mistakes. Besides, this will allow you to plan topics and have more time selecting templates in your online video editor. Content calendars can do the following:

  • Create goals
  • Plan posts
  • Come up with hashtags
  • Pin images and links
  • Create more effective posts

Resist the Urge to Over Promote

Don’t treat social media like regular advertising. Today, people feel wary about brands that do hard-selling. So refrain from blatantly promoting yourself in every post. Instead, you must use your online video editor to create touching videos that resonate with your audience. Moreover, craft pics and posts that your followers enjoy seeing.

Remember, direct promotion is okay once in a blue moon. It would help to follow the one-in-seven rule that expert digital marketers adhere to. For example, you will use one direct promo post for every six content-based posts. In other posts, you can:

  • Share articles
  • Post-industry-related news
  • Create Q&As
  • Post a fun demo with a real client
  • Encourage followers to take a survey

Find Ways to Elicit Better Engagement

As the name suggests, social media must be social. Though most people use these apps for fun and entertainment, you can effectively use them for your business, as well. Thus, you must take advantage of social capability. Find ways to stay interactive and encourage interaction with followers. To help you with this one, you must do the following:

  • Research what your audience loves
  • Use your online video editor to make cool materials
  • Post stunning content that your followers enjoy
  • Ask interesting queries that compel them to answer
  • Repost other people’s content that appears relevant to yours
  • Actively comment on other people’s posts

Leverage Video Content

Social media serves as a highly visual platform. And in this regard, video content proves the most effective. Why? Because videos stimulate more senses. Besides, explaining concepts in a video takes a shorter amount of time versus reading the same topic in a long article. In the same token, plain images become subject to interpretation.

Since video content contains both audio and visual content, it grabs your audience’s attention. You can use your online video editor to create different posts that showcase your brand’s personality. Use it to show what you feel passionate about. Videos allow you to say more than any standard post. Besides, social media users tend to click on videos more as they scroll through their feed.

Use the Various Platforms to Address Issues

Ideally, your brand receives mostly positive feedback. However, as a business owner, you understand that it is inevitable to encounter irate clients. Similarly, some people just have nothing nice to say and tend to post negative comments.

Hence, you must carefully monitor brand mentions on various platforms. Allotting time for this will assure you can address problems before escalation. If you see anything awry, engage with the comment and explain. You can offer an apology and find ways to resolve the problem immediately. Apart from appeasing the unhappy client, your responsiveness will show others that you care.

Aim to Provide Tons of Value

Finally, the most vital thing you can do on your various social media profiles is provide value. Always aim to create something useful for your followers. It could be a combination of content that makes them laugh, offers information, makes them feel nostalgic, etc.

This is the unique aspect that makes modern people love social media. It will also be the primary feature that attracts people to your business. When you curate valuable posts that make them feel inspired and uplifted, they will follow you and share your content. As a result, you can expand your brand’s reach even more.

Parting Words

Later, when you master this aspect, you can create viral posts that touch even more people. Remember, social media proves to be a goldmine for both new prospects and existing customers. Thus, creating a good social media campaign should be your priority. It allows you to connect with so many people to grow your audience and client base.