More than two months after the crash of a Boeing 737 Max in Ethiopia has been completed, the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing with the development of the Updates to the control software. Boeing was confident that the 737 Max will be with the updated Software of the control system MCAS “one of the safest planes ever flown,” said Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg according to a communication of the group. An end to the flight ban for machines of this type the means first, however.

The company had been working on a Update for the Boeing 737 Max, after two machines of this type of aircraft were crashed. 10. March, a 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines crashed shortly after takeoff in Addis Ababa. All 157 people on Board had died. In the crash of an aircraft of the same type of Indonesian airline Lion Air in front of the island of Java, had died in October last year, 189 people. In both cases, the control system MCAS played perhaps the decisive role. A number of countries had spoken then a start prohibition for the type of aircraft.

Before the start of the ban now lifted, can be, must certify to the US-aviation authority FAA, the Changes to the Software. Previously, the authority had already announced that the Software of a “rigorous safety checks” to undergo.

Boeing announced it is working on it, to make available to the FAA on their request for more information. This is, among other things, how the pilots acted in various scenarios with the aircraft controls and the Ads. Once these requirements are met, will Boeing agreed with the FAA flight-testing certification.

According to the company, the updated Software has been tested already in the flight simulator, and on test flights. So far, she had been on 207 test, the 737 Max, used flights. This had lasted for more than 360 hours. Boeing have also developed improved training materials, which would now be reviewed by the FAA and aviation authorities in other countries.