The online retailer Amazon invested in the food service Deliveroo delivery. Amazon have led the most recent round of financing, with the help of you in technology and the Expansion of the business wanted to invest, shared with Deliveroo. Also, the existing shareholders, the investors, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity and Research Company, would have given extra money. A total of Deliveroo was able to gather investments in the amount of $ 575 million.

investors have already 1.53 billion dollars in the 2013 company, founded in put. Deliveroo is present in 14 countries, including in Germany. According to information from Deliveroo has couriers of 60,000 Bicycle under the contract and delivers menus to 80,000 Restaurants.

After the announcement, the stock prices for key competitors of Deliveroo. The shares of the Berlin-based company Delivery Hero fell on Friday by up to 5.6 percent, the title of the Dutch Lieferando-mother-Takeaway by 6.5 percent. Delivery Hero had delivery in December of its German business, including the portals hero, Foodora and to Takeaway sold. Foodora is considered to be the strongest competitor of Deliveroo in Germany.

The papers of the British Deliveroo-rival Just Eat fell by more than ten percent. Also, the driving service Uber has built with Uber Eats, a food delivery service. Amazon had previously tried in vain, in Britain, a Restaurant-delivery service. Investors fear that smaller providers could be rubbed between Amazon and Uber up.

food delivery services such as Deliveroo were repeated due to the working conditions of couriers in the criticism. In the case of Deliveroo, and Foodora Attempts to establish employee representation have failed, multiple times. Deliveroo read leak about the contracts of elected works councils. Couriers are also controlled via Apps, where the delivery orders are awarded.