Verena Bahlsen apologizes for Remarks about Nazi forced laborers, the heiress to The biscuit company announced to their Expressions of regret “a mistake”. She was been criticized because of the minimisation of the exploitation of forced laborers. © Photo: Monika Skolimowska/dpa

After the discussion on the treatment of the forced laborers of the biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen in the Second world war, the company is his history of scientific cutting. The göttingen Professor Manfred Grieger was commissioned a panel of independent experts put together, with shared Bahlsen. The group should look at the time of the national socialism “is still accurate, and then the development of the family business in its Contexts represent”.

The heiress Verena Bahlsen had recently with Remarks on the history of the biscuit manufacturer’s of criticism drawn. To a question, according to the former forced labourers in the company, you, the image had told newspaper: “it was before my time and we have paid the forced workers in the same way as the Germans and treated well.”

Bahlsen apologized then, and said of indiscretions and errors. They have recognized that they must deal more intensively with the history of the company, whose name it bears,.

The Bahlsen group with an annual turnover of almost EUR 560 million this year celebrates 130 years of Existence. The long-time company boss Werner M. Bahlsen had moved a year ago from the daily business in the Board of Directors. Five percent of the shares in the biscuit and confectionery manufacturers are still. The remaining 95 per cent is owned by the children and also be managed by him.