The economy, Stefaan De Clerck, chairman of the board of directors of the Proximus, the calls, the wage ceiling for CEO to have to adapt to it. That said, he is in for The Seventh Day in a Single on the occasion of the departure of the topvrouw of the company, and Dominique Leroy.

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According to The Clerk to start the search for Proximus to have a new chief executive officer with a disability due to the wage ceiling of 650,000 euros. The board of directors will have more responsibility and the pay raise, “but it must be in the major ( , and the state, ed. ) to accept”, the former CD&V prime minister is on. The ceiling should be, according to him, be construed as a reference to it, but in the negotiations, some of the elements have to be modified. The CEO should have, according to him, is not like all the others, has to be treated.