Free time for years, it is Currently one of the world’s leaders, with the election of the colour of the year. That is the color you will see in any home improvement store, and then, in many living rooms, and other areas in the house.Creative director, Heleen van Gent travel around the world, and to gather itself down with the team before the knot is made. The less obvious the name of the winner is well-known that peaceful dawn.

Many of the journalists of lifestyle magazines, interior designers, and influencers are looking forward to today because it Adds up with a lot of spectacle, and the color of the year to publish. It is an american company that each year blends into the discussion of what is a worldwide the trend in the house is going to be.

“To the door of the house to fall, this is it,” says Helen from the city of Ghent. “Calm her.” What would you say? Peaceful dawn. The quiet crack of dawn, literally. Light gray with a green tint. “It’s that moment when the sun comes out and everything is still as it used to, with the mist over the fields. There, I think.”

Is the color of the year designation is not just a commercial matter, that is, the consumer has the idea that he / she, his walls and re-paint it? < / b> . “no, No, we have to make do with the Global Aesthetic Center is a year-long trend research in order to know what will be popular is going to be. That is, trends to analyze, we have to be very careful before we have to make a choice. Our team is going to trade fairs at home and abroad, and we have to look at the work of architects and interior designers who work it. It is also not the case that the color of the last year, has been compromised. The colors are consistent with a trend over a number of years. We have to inspire the consumer to choose the colors for their home.”

the Competitor, But last year, with a Quiet Clearing (dark green) and you live with Spiced Honey, turn golden in color. It is a bit arbitrary, but you have to do here is be a year of serious study. What is the research?
“to begin with, we would like to invite a group of experts from whom we would like to know how they view the world. There is an editor-in-chief of a major architectentijdschrift from the uk, a trendexpert from the united states, a designer out of China, all kinds of stuff. We are asking: what is it that drives you to the show? We’re talking about urbanity, smaller housing, and the pressure that the 24-clock economy either.”

“and Then we’ll try it with my team of five, all of the designers, with expertise in the field of interior design, color palettes to work with, the themes that often recur. We have to let ourselves be inspired by art exhibitions, cultural events, and this time it explicitly went to look for the places that people visit when they have to, themselves, be able to, such as convents and monasteries. What We see around us, digitalisation, the rise of the robots, and the artificial intelligence . In the stillness of the nature which we as human beings are going to revalue. We are looking for the qualities of humanity and escapism, it is to escape from the hustle and bustle of the day.”