As the USSR came with the relatives of traitors to the Motherland

History 25/01/20 As the USSR did with the relatives of traitors of the Motherland

the Fate of close relatives of traitors (most of the traitors after the exposure was executed in the Soviet Union) were different. Many barely moved what happened, because until then nothing “this” side of the family did not know. And someone committed suicide.

Mother and wife Belenko was forced to participate in a press conference

Viktor Belenko fled to Japan in 1976 hijacked a Soviet airplane MiG-25P. According to the official TASS, the Japanese were forcibly detained respond to “enemy voices” of the Soviet pilot, and he allegedly sat on a foreign airfield were forced, losing the orientation during flight.

the Mother of Belenko and his wife Lyudmila made to participate in a “press conference”, where weeping women claimed that Victor could not bring Home. Ask them questions to journalists is not allowed. Subsequently, the pictures wiping the tears of the relatives of the pilot-defector appeared in many Western media. The American journalist John Barron, who wrote about the escape of Belenko’s book, claimed that the pilot’s mother did not communicate almost his entire adult life, and the husband demanded a divorce. According to Lyudmila, gave a rare interview to the journalists, their family, the security services after the husband’s escape is slighted, but she did not understand why Belenko decided to escape.

Rezun bought relatives in Soviet housing?

In any case, so says himself Viktor Suvorov (Vladimir Rezun), a former employee of the GRU who escaped with his wife and children in 1978 in the UK. In an interview with Ukrainian TV channel “inter”, shown in 1999, Suvorov-Rezun said that relatives remaining in the USSR, “had to answer for his sins” (how exactly, he did not elaborate).

however, in order to “rehabilitate”, Rezun supposedly my brother bought an apartment in Cherkassy, and the mother and father and also the mother-in-law father-in-law twice invited to England to visit. Other sources of this information is not confirmed nor refuted. Given that the traitor, are embedded abroad writer, often results in his historical studies, disputed facts, we can assume that about my family Suvorov-Rezun prefers to dissemble.

Gordievsky’s Wife was not with him live

Former Colonel of the First Central Board of the KGB of the USSR, recruited in the mid-80s the CIA and worked for British intelligence, abroad called the largest Soviet “mole” after Penkovsky. In an interview with Seve Novgorodsev, sentenced in absentia at home to death, the traitor Gordievsky said first property from remaining in Moscow, his wife Leila (she is from a family of KGB) and two daughters wanted to confiscate it, but then the decision was canceled.

Leila with children 6 years later came to Gordievsky in London, but living with him did not, soon filed for divorce and returned home. According to the most Gordievsky, voiced in an interview with “Radio Liberty”, the initiator of the divorce was the KGB. The family of Leyla, according to her, all the time watched by the security services, ex-wife Gordievsky were systematically summoned for interrogation.

Spouse Penkovsky didn’t touch

the GRU Colonel Oleg Penkovsky was also recruited by British intelligence in the 60-ies in the USSR for many years was considered a symbol of betrayal, such serious damage he inflicted with the spying. According to “AIF”, the secret service checked his wife Faith and daughter of a traitor Mary, convinced in their ignorance about the antics of a husband and father, and subsequently not pursued. Faith changed the name to Kapovich and changed his place of residence, and Maria even worked subsequently in one of the units of the KGB.

Natalia Tolkacheva spent

According to another traitor, a former major General of the KGB Oleg Kalugin, the wife of “the richest Soviet spy” Adolf Tolkachev (in cooperation with the CIA in the 70-ies – 80-ies of the engineer Tolkachev received more than 700 thousand roubles and $ 2 million to sand foreign deposits), worked with him (Kalugin) the KGB, and after exposing her husband condemned for treason. In the ‘ 90s, Natalia Tolkachev was released (her husband was shot). There are different versions concerning the fate of foreign money, proclaimed Adolf Tolkachev. The official representative of the CIA Paul Redmond has not confirmed the information that they were returned to the family of the executed engineer.

Longina Shevchenko herself

Arkady Shevchenko, in the 70-ies, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, the most senior Soviet diplomat-defector during the cold war. Family Shevchenko and Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Andrei Gromyko friends. Wife Shevchenko Longina soon after the escape of her husband hanged himself. According to the memoirs of his son, Gennady, the body of mom found in the wardrobe he himself, after several days of absenteeism Longini Shevchenko on the connection.

the Property Arkady Shevchenko in Moscow apartment, more like a Museum of Antiques, confiscated. Gennady was fired from the foreign Ministry, was forced to change his surname, name and patronymic and the place of work. Andrei Gromyko, as did the family.

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