Why are the soldiers in the squad Lermontov was like a gang of

History 25/01/20 Why the soldiers in the unit Lermontov was like a gang of “outlaws”

1840 in the creative biography of Mikhail Lermontov saw the release of the single lifetime of poetry collection and the novel “Hero of our time”. Both publications adopted the fame of the poet as heir of Pushkin. No less intense was the year for the military career of Lieutenant. In the summer he participated in the famous battle at the river Valerik, and in the fall took command of a division of cavalry-“the hunters”, which is named after him Lermontov unit. Externally, the Russian soldiers were indistinguishable from the gang of “outlaws”.

“a Different mob, volunteers, Tartars”

the Detachment consisted of hundreds of Cossack volunteers, who were selected from the cavalry of the Caucasian line. To Lermontov by them, commanded the officer Ruthin Dorokhov, however, he was forced to temporarily leave the leadership of his injuries. Mikhail Lermontov took Dorokhova squad on 10 October and took him to the land of the Chechens.

a few memories of the participants of the Caucasian war, who served in the Lermontovskiy unit. For example, a member of the sultans, demoted officers were told that the group took soldiers without regard to their nationality. To get there, had to withstand the kind of examination – perform a complex task. New members of the squad completely changed appearance, they shaved their heads and force them to let go of the beard. “Circassian” image complement national dress and a shotgun with a bayonet, the same as the highlanders. Lermontov himself in the letter called his subordinates “miscellaneous rabble” of “volunteers and Tatars”. The mandatory condition of service was the knowledge of the Azerbaijani language, which was owned by the commander. “Lermontovsky” chose not to use firearms, relying on personal bravery and hand strength.


For Lermontov command of the detachment was a way to stand out in battle, so he Rwas asciival to retire and immerse themselves in literary work.

“If I happen to them successfully to act, maybe something would give; I’m only four days in commanded and do not know it, to what extent they are reliable; but as, probably, we will have to fight the whole winter, I will have time to get to the core,” wrote a poet about his “inheritance from Dorokhov”.

In Large and Small Chechnya, a detachment was used as a reconnaissance and guerrilla, working in the villages and in the mountains. Hereditary nobleman Lermontov had to endure the harsh conditions. He ate from the soldiers of the boiler and slept on the damp ground. In the same way as other members of the order, Mikhail deliberately launched its appearance to completely fit the image of the Caucasian, and at the same time to gain credibility among subordinates. During the fighting he was wearing a red mainly qanovuz (silk) shirt – regular clothes mountain rebels.

he recalled How the members of the Caucasian war Constantine Mamaev team Lermontov reminded him of “rogue comet”. She suddenly appeared in dangerous places.

When 27 Oct 1840 during the battle in the forests Avturinsky artillery Mamaeva were left without cover, came to the aid of “brigands” Lermontov. They were going to do away with the Chechens, clutching daggers, but Mamaev managed to shoot enemies at close range with buckshot. “Lermontovsky” once again appeared near the guns, protecting them from capture.

another time unit Lermontov distinguished himself in Valerie Oct 30: the fighters managed to destroy a significant part of the Chechen cavalry detachment, not allowing the enemy to escape into the woods..

Hope Mikhail Yurevich for the award are not met, but he requested his immediate superiors, and grandmother of Elizabeth Arseniev – a rich landowner Penza province. Emperor Nicholas I remained adamant – despite all the merits of the poet, he never signed the award list. The king also demanded that the Lieutenant returned to frontline service inLCT, ousted from the expedition to Chechnya.

Mikhail Lermontov left the command of the detachment, presumably, in November of 1840 or in the winter, and in December for 2 months went on vacation to her grandmother in St. Petersburg- for the poet it was the last visit to the capital.

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