Anthea Turner and Mark Armstrong enjoyed a romantic evening together at The Saatchi gallery’s Bob Marley One Love Experience.

As she enjoyed a cocktail and chatted to other guests, the presenter (61 years old) was in top form.

For the first time, the exhibit celebrating the life and music of Reggae singer Blue Peter was viewed by the former Blue Peter star in a light brown dress with white boots

Bob Marley Experience will feature his photographs and memorabilia, and allow people to experience his life, influences, and legacy. The exhibit will last ten weeks and pays tribute to the 36-year-old artist. With the single One Love, his greatest hit, his record sales have exceeded 75 million.

One Love, curated by the Marleyfamily and Jonathan Shank from Terrapin Station, offers a range of insights into the life of the musician.

Visitors are encouraged to take part in the show at every stop along the Saatchi corridors and leave a mark for anyone who comes next.

There are the usual suspects: gold discs and hand-written lyrics; stage-worn costumes. But the most striking components of the experience are its interactive elements and the original art created specifically for it.

Visitors will travel through the experience to see natural landscapes, game rooms, and concert venues.

You first arrive at the One Love Forest. This room has synthetic grass and sounds like tweeting wildlife. Speakers play Marley’s greatest hits, while smoke rises behind the shrubbery.

You’ll be handed headphones by Marley just outside the “Soul Shakedown Studio” and invited to join a dance floor for one of his groundbreaking live shows. A giant disco ball shimmers overhead.