Addison Rae , a social media celebrity, announced yesterday a new skincare product called Screen Break. It’s designed to protect users from potentially harmful blue light damage caused by phone and computer screens.

Addison Rae’s project is in many ways eerily like RFLCT which was a similar skincare line that was previously led by Valkyrae, a popular YouTuber. Valkyrae quickly reacted to the news about Addison Rae’s product.

RFLCT was quickly criticized after it was released. Conflicting studies showed little evidence of blue light damage from prolonged screen usage. The company backing Valkyrae’s skincare line refused to release the studies. This only increased suspicions. The controversy was addressed several times on stream. However, leaks of DMs between Ludwig and Valkyrae demonstrating growing animosity towards the project led to the complete withdrawal of the skincare line. RFLCT was discontinued just weeks after it launched.

Screen Break claims the same product and that it is almost identical. The announcement video looks almost identical to Valkyrae’s original RFLCT advertisement. Both videos feature blue-tinged backgrounds and a text-link font.

Valkyrae sought immediate disengagement from the Twitter project. The YouTube streamer changed her Twitter name to “JUST VALEY” so that the Rae part of her name could not be mistaken for Addison Rae. Valkyrae took another swipe at the sponsor company and wrote, “I wouldn’t be surprised it’s the same company.”

Despite the huge backlash Valkyrae received for RFLCT’s promotion, the streamer was shocked that anyone, not even Addison Rae’s global influencer, would try to do it again. Many streamers and observers shared Valkyrae’s astonished sentiments. However, it is not clear if Screen Break will be subject to the same fate as RFLCT.