Alexei Shchastny: what Trotsky shot the Savior of the Baltic fleet

History 06/01/20 Alexei Shchastny: what Trotsky shot the Savior of the Baltic fleet

Russian researchers of the biography of captain Aleksei Shchastny confirm that in respect of the commander of the Baltic fleet was handed down the first death sentences in the history of the Soviet government. Later in the rehabilitation of a naval officer in the mid 90-ies of XX century, the Military Prosecutor of the Baltic fleet came to the conclusion about the absolute groundlessness of the charges against him.

Hereditary military

the Historian of the Navy, publicist captain first rank Vadim kulinchenko, telling about the life of Alexei Shchastny, wrote that a future participant in the Ice campaign was born in the family of an officer of artillery, his father rose to the rank of Lieutenant General. Alexei Shchastny graduated from the Marine corps, participated in the Russo-Japanese war, was captured. For military distinction in the First world war he was awarded two orders.

At the time of the achievements of the October revolution Alexei Shchastny held the position of chief of staff of the Baltic fleet. He accepted the new government and remained at his post.

Ice trek

In the early spring of 1918 there was a threat of capture of the ships of the Baltic fleet of the German troops, advancing to the Finnish Helsingfors, where based Russian squadron. Alexei Shchastny was able to arrange to send three groups of combat ships from Helsingfors to Kronstadt. In total, this relocation received in the history of the Navy the name of the Ice campaign, was attended by 211 units of the Baltic fleet – the battleships, cruisers and over 50 destroyers and 40 transports, and submarines, minesweepers, mine layers, patrol, messengers and auxiliary vessels, tugs, yachts, Plavac and ferry. No vessel when relocation was not lost.

what were the charges narkomvoenmor

a month after the end of the Ice pthe wordcourse, in may 1918, Alexei Shchastny was arrested on the personal order of people’s Commissar for military and naval Affairs, Leon Trotsky. From the materials of the questioning of Leon Trotsky, obtained during the preliminary and judicial investigation and which formed the basis of the indictment, it follows that narkomvoenmor until April 1918, when Shchastny was reported on the results of the Ice hike at the meeting of the Supreme military Council, the Savior of the Baltic fleet has ever seen and personally have not talked to him.

the Authority of Alexei Shchastny after not having analogues in the world history of the Ice campaign among the officers and sailors of the composition increased significantly. According to some historians, Leon Trotsky was looking for any, even the smallest reason to discredit the captain of 1 rank. On the basis of critical statements Shchastny about the technical condition of the Russian fleet, the subjective assessment of actions of the commander to undermine the Fort of Ino (the fortifications were destroyed in the middle of may, 1918, during the retreat, so they are not given to the Germans), narkomvoenmor concluded that the counter-revolutionary policy which allegedly held the head of the Baltic fleet. The main accusation put forward by Trotsky against Shchastny, was that the latter allegedly led anti-Soviet agitation, spread allegations that the Navy betrayed the Germans, and only he, Shchastny, was doing everything possible to save him. The officer attributed intentions for the unauthorized destruction of the ships of the Baltic fleet.

the investigation and the trial of Alexei Shchastny, who pleaded not guilty, lasted less than a month – already on 22 June the same year he was shot by sentence of the revolutionary Tribunal of the Central Executive Committee. From the case materials that none of the witnesses, apart from Trotsky, were not called and were not questioned. The arguments of the Shchastny given them his protection, in attention was not accepted.

the Military Prosecutor of the Baltic fleet the General-the major of justice Nikolay Goncharenko, signed in 1995, the conclusion about rehabilitation Alexei Shchastny, was based on documents that confirm: Trotsky ameslanbut slandered and maligned naval officer: in particular, narkomvoenmor seized from the arrested telegrams, in which he ordered the commander of the Baltic fleet, to take measures for the destruction of the Russian squadron, if threatened classes of Kronstadt by the Germans. Was not considered the consequence and court and other documents showing that Shchastny had made the effort to rescue and preserve the fleet.

Nikolai Goncharenko concluded: given these facts, it should be noted the absence of guilt Alexei Shchastny on all counts – after 77 years after the death of the chief of Naval forces of the Baltic sea was fully rehabilitated.

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