The last flight of Gagarin: how actually killed the first cosmonaut

History 06/01/20 Last flight of Gagarin: how actually killed the first cosmonaut

March 27, 1968 died the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who, along with test pilot Vladimir Seregin did ordinary training flight on the MiG-15. Immediately after the incident all information about the investigation of the disaster was kept secret, and the dead grief-stricken people of the USSR announced a call center the cause of the accident: “the Crew due to changes in flight air situation made a sharp maneuver and fell into a tailspin”.

Despite the fact that from the moment of tragedy has passed more than 50 years, issues related to it have not diminished.

Nikolai Kuznetsov, which is in the 1963-1972 years was the head of the cosmonaut training Center, has put forward the version that the cause of death of the crew of the MiG-15 would be a bad feeling before the flight ACE of Vladimir Seregin.

According to the testimony of cosmonaut Vitali Zholobov, Gagarin was sitting in the cockpit of a plane when his partner Seregin about something very emotionally talked on the phone with his superiors.

Perhaps this nerve call had a negative impact on cardiac Seregin, who had previously experienced health problems.

Kuznetsov suggested that the 48-year-old veteran felt pain in his chest, unfastened for the convenience of the seatbelt, and when the machine began to make a turn with a roll of 30 , he fainted and his whole body fell on the handle.

aware of the seriousness of the situation Gagarin asked the managers back to earth, trying by all means to avoid disaster. But all the drama was that George sat in front of the cabin, and when paired flight a preferential right in the management is the one who is at the rear instructor’s cockpit.

Gagarin All attempts to rectify the situation were in vain, he even did not eject. According to Vitaly Zholobov, not Yuri pulled the red lever of the ejection of solidarity with a friend, and doctor of technical Sciences Sergei Belotserkovsky and pilot Ilya Kaczorowski pointed to design features of the MiG-15, which first have to eject the instructor. Because Seregin was unconscious, Gagarin became the hostage of a fatal combination of circumstances.

another angle to the tragedy looked fellow Institute of operation and repair of aviation equipment Igor Kuznetsov, who focused on the negative meter pressure drop victim of the crash of the MiG-15. After analyzing this fact, he concluded that the aircraft was diving with a depressurized cabin, which has dramatically increased the pressure.

Realizing the problem, the pilot decided an emergency landing, they lowered the speed and made a right coup, then went into a dive in which their bodies are subjected to aerodynamic impact, resulting in instant death of the crew.

the validity of the assumption that the pilots were killed in the air, according to Igor Kuznetsov, confirmed the conclusions of the medical Commission who failed to find the remains of the dead “hormone of fear”.

And the fact that the rudder of the aircraft in the crash was in the position of kupirovaniya, in other words the climb, he explained that in the fall the plane suddenly flew into the trees. It is because the feet of the pilots more pressed on the pedal, and the steering rod by inertia moved forward, creating the effect that the pilots end up fighting for their lives. According to Igor Kuznetsov, the reason for depressurization of the MiG-15 was not closed until the crane ventilation, the condition of which was obliged to follow Gagarin.

the Version about malfunction of the engine test aircraft advanced aviation designer Valentin Kozyrev refers to the testimony of the witness who saw the moment of the fall, but have not heard any sounds.

According to his views the “heart mechanical birds” most likely, died at the height of 1280 meters, in that moment when the aircraft was in dense dozhdevathe cloud.

Began to pass through the engine the cold air cooled his temperature to below $ 220 With when there is a fire of kerosene. Supercooled water vapor and snow flakes, lowered temperature in the combustion chamber, and test pilots, adding gas, set the motor on takeoff. Arose in that point in the combustion chamber oscillations, has led to the fact that is enriched with ice crystals air-fuel mixture began to throb, tearing the torch burners and after stopping the engine.

the attempt of the pilots to start the engine prevented the high air density, excessive flight speed and fast rotating speed of the cold turbine.

At a press conference assembled at the next anniversary of the tragic death of Gagarin first cosmonaut Alexei Leonov voiced version of that 1985 was nominated Lieutenant-General of aviation Sergei Belotserkovsky.

According to him the plane of Gagarin and Seregin had been in the air vortex flow resulting from migration in the area of piloting other aircraft. That is cocurrent stream caused the stalling of the MiG-15 into the spin, and if the crew were transferred to the correct weather report, that the lower boundary of the cloud can be 900 meters, but several closer to the ground, they probably would be able to rectify the situation.

Citing secret documents to the Commission investigating the crash, Alexei Leonov told journalists that fateful convergence with the MiG-15 for a distance equal to 10-15 meters made supersonic interceptor su-15 took off from the airfield “Zhukovsky”. Not mentioning the name violated flight mode the pilot, he was sure that this banned maneuver turned the Gagarin aircraft by ramming him in the fatal spin.

In the study the crash of the MiG-15 experts were found the remains not only of its fuselage, but also a large number of fragments of radiopilot and radiosondes.

By coincidence, around the same time when Gagarin-Seryogin took off from the airfield “Hkalowsky” Physical Institute of the USSR launched into the air radiosonde, which is at an altitude of 3000 meters appeared in their test flight.

Theoretically this device could influence the behavior of the aircraft under the control of the first cosmonaut of the world. Not focusing on this version, the members of the Commission, however, left a record of a possible collision of an aircraft with the probe, damaged 60% of the glazing of the cockpit.

the People, as if dissatisfied with the number of unofficial versions of the death of Gagarin, has advanced its extravagant version. According to one of them first astronaut died a few days before, when making a secret flight to the moon, and the fall of the MiG-15 was only a falsification.

According to another version, the Soviet leadership was jealous of the great popularity of Gagarin, but because the security services were given the task to simulate a crash, and Yuri to send in a mental hospital, after making it plastic surgery.

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