Boris Bazhanov: as Stalin's personal Secretary became a traitor

History 07/01/20 Boris Bazhanov: as Stalin’s personal Secretary became a traitor

Soviet officials who had fled to the West and dared to say there word against Joseph Stalin, were waiting for an unenviable fate. These shoots in the 1920-1930-ies were not uncommon. But as soon as another “betrayal” became known to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), vile “traitor” went a group of professionals from the well-known special services. Their only goal was to physically eliminate the turncoat.

were death, Raskolnikov and Sklyansky the handiwork of the KGB

Often the murder disguised as an accident so skillfully that to the present day doubt remains: was another unfortunate victim of the KGB of the foreign Department, or ended up for some other reason. Still a complete mystery shrouded the death of Feodor Raskolnikov in France. In August 1939 the fugitive diplomat, Deputy Leon Trotsky to the people’s Commissariat for military Affairs during the Civil war, wrote his famous “open letter to Stalin”. And soon suddenly clouded mind and ended up in a mental hospital, where he died in the Prime of life – he was fifty.

Another close collaborator of Trotsky, in the midst of the Russian civil strife and later his Deputy in the revolutionary military Council, Ephraim Sklyansky, did not flee from the country, though, and fell into deep disgrace. This man Stalin hated even more than his boss, because during the Civil war, he well got it from Sklyansky – and then the advantage was on the side of the Trotskyists.

it was Stalin who dealt with a truly Byzantine cunning. First, despite the well-known attitude, sent Sklyansky to manage the Affairs of the firm “Amtorg” in Soviet-American trade. Upon arrival in America, an associate of Trotsky have drowned in the lake. Not alone of course, and he “helped”: in the version of the murder Sklyansky on Stalin’s orders allalways insisted former assistant General Secretary Boris Bazhanov, who had escaped from its master in 1928.

Stalin’s Personal Secretary

the Fate of the last truly unique. In 1919 he was a student of Kiev University, joined the RKP (b), since there was only a choice “between Ukrainian nationalism and communism.” To join the Petliura raised in the Russian tradition Bazhanov, in his own words, categorically did not want. Many students, as he recalled later, communism seemed to be “extremely interesting attempt to create a new, socialist society.”

Educated young man he moved to Moscow, where he was immediately noticed. Under the patronage of Lazar Kaganovich began Bazhanov career in the party apparatus. And in 1923, the coeval of the XX century was assigned for a job as an assistant to Stalin in the Politburo.

In the historical literature Bazhanov often referred to as “personal Secretary” of the General Secretary. This position, of course, officially did not exist, but the range of responsibilities, this position approximately corresponded to. At that time nobody would have predicted the imminent rise of Stalin. Therefore, in the fact of working closely with him untried newcomer from the Ukraine was not surprising. At the same time Bazhanov became Secretary of the Politburo. He wrote decrees, interfered in the debate in the case of errors, followed by providing all members with the necessary materials, was a “memory of the Politburo,” whenever you need it, giving all the necessary information.

Disillusioned with communism and fled

In his memoirs Bazhanov described the rupture with Stalin frighteningly casually. Was the anti-Communist, has made a business trip to Asia and escaped from Soviet Russia through the Persian border. In Persia, according to the book of another famous defector, and in 1928 the resident Soviet agents in this country of Georgi Agabekov, in 1937, murdered by KGB, the Russian survived the first attempt they will then be done. But the ex-Secretary was carried. Circumstances have developed in such a way thon the group of liquidators failed the mission.

Bazhanov after a series of adventures reached France, which launched a vigorous literary activity. His memoir, “memories of the former Secretary of Stalin” immediately became a bestseller. The first European inhabitants learned about the mechanisms by which ruled a giant of the USSR. Europe was simultaneously in shock and awe. Baranovo applauded. His name never left the lips.

the author of the sensations believed that “the most diligent reader” of his materials was none other than Stalin himself. This was evidenced by later defectors from the Soviet Embassy in France, said Bazhanov. All of his new article, the chief was required to send the plane in a rapid manner.

“In my descriptions I have always tried to be scrupulously accurate, have described only what I saw or knew, with absolute precision, – admitted the Russian. – The power of the Kremlin never made the slightest attempt to dispute what I wrote (and was not able to do it), and chose to elect the tactics of complete silence – my name shouldn’t be mentioned anywhere”.

Recognition of Trotsky and the assassination of Blumkin

Bazhanov in his works referred to, even Trotsky. The famous fugitive and also, incidentally, a victim of Stalin, with particular pleasure was emphasized by the observation of the former Secretary of the Politburo about how little the master of the Kremlin was interested in the most important state issues.

“He reads nothing, and when it scans in the course of the year ten or 12 instruments, that’s a lot,” wrote Trotsky with reference to Bazhanov.

But what many seemed strange: in the era when the Soviet foreign intelligence had reached epic scale, acting worldwide, when the “enemies” of the Soviet Union and Stalin personally were destroyed with the speed of the conveyor, when the white guard generals were kidnapped in broad daylight in the centre of Paris, Bazhanov miraculously survived. Was he not party to a double play?

In 1929, according to Bazhanov’s notes, in Paris for the organization forkushenia arrived a famous security officer Yakov blyumkin. Hunt believed that the liquidator did not have sufficient motivation, and therefore do not unnecessarily risked. The attempt failed: sent Blumkin agents by mistake was thrown from the speeding train another person. However, Stalin still widely spread the rumor about the success of the operation.

“did he of pedagogical goals to teach it to others escape: we never forget, the hand have long, and sooner or later it will catch up with fleeing,” this logic was followed by the Secretary General, according to Bazhanov.

The invulnerable defector survived Brezhnev

In the future, we only know about the one attempt at recall in France. It happened in 1937, when killing Agabekova in the same country, was realized a special operation. Bazhanov described attacked him as the Spanish anarchist or Communist. Though it has not been installed, operated whether the alleged veteran of the Civil war in Spain on his own initiative or on the instructions of the NKVD.

“He tried to hit me with a dagger, when I return, as every evening, back home, leaving the car in the garage, said Bazhanov was unscathed. – On this occasion it was seen as degenerated the work of the GPU. The agent of the GPU on any risk was not obviously assured of some unfortunate Spanish anarchist, I’m an agent of Franco or something like that.”

In 1937, in the Bois de Boulogne these same authorities, which Bazhanov old habit called GPU killed the defector Dmitry Glazov. Bazhanov himself lived to a ripe old age and died on the penultimate day of 1982, having survived not only Stalin, but by Nikita Khrushchev, and even Leonid Brezhnev.

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