A group of teenagers in Novosibirsk went on trial for theft from the Catholic center and assault

To the Kirov district court received a case against a group of teenagers who are accused of theft, robbery and robbery.

As stated on the website of the court, minors are charged that stole 8 bikes from the grounds of the Catholic center “Caritas” of the Diocese of the Transfiguration, and also committed several thefts from grocery stores and cars.

the Teens are accused of stealing mobile phones Apple iPhone 5163 SE value of the ruble and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x worth 4119 rubles.

— furthermore, teenagers are accused that they committed robbery with the use in respect of two of the victims of violence, dangerous to life and health, with the use of the object used as a weapon, and openly stolen a mobile phone worth 3844 ruble one of them, — is spoken in the message of the court.