Money: how to save on purchases and get some money back

we All love discounts. Especially if you are able to buy cheaper what is dreamed is an additional joy. However, not only discounts pleasantly warm the soul and the wallet. There is such a pleasant thing as cashback.

Cashback — beneficial and extremely useful feature of the card. Indeed, in contrast to the discounts it allows to recover part of the money spent. You pay with your Bank card and it gives you a percentage of the purchase amount. But what else do we know about kesbeke?

Some useful facts

1. Cashback be placed at the waste of both its own and borrowed funds.

Indeed, earn cashback you can, and paying their credit money. But it all depends on the particular card and the Bank.

2. Cashback may be paid in money, and can bonus points.

some banks cashback returns cash to spend at their discretion, and some reward points, which can be calculated only for certain goods or services.

3. There are operations that cashback not charged.

these include:

– cash withdrawals at ATMs;
– payment of lottery, gambling, casino.
– recharge various electronic wallets;
– repayment of loans;
– payment of Bank commissions.
a Complete list of such transactions is best to check with the Bank that issued the card.

4. When returning goods returns and cashback.

Alas, in the case of a refund, which was credited with cashback, its amount will also return to the seller.

5. Cashback may extend to all purchases and spending in certain categories.

banks Have several approaches to the calculation of kesbeke. Some people prefer to pay it in payment for any purchase. Others return a little more, but only for purchases in certain categories. Still others combine both options: pay higher cashback while spending in individual fields and the standard set by the Bank for all kinds of cards and purchases.

Now you know about kesbeke more. A Bank Acceptance in honor of its 30th anniversary, gives an increased cashback of 3%!

Save reasonably with the Bank’s Acceptance! Connect cashback, pay with any card Bank to 30.09.2020 and return 3% of purchases by category:

pharmacy, medicine, education, clothes.

In other categories, you get back some of their money in the amount of 1% of the purchase.

Amount of accumulated kesbeke will be returned on the first working day of the following month to the account card to make purchases. And you can use the money at their discretion without any restrictions.

to connect To the service of kesbeke need to call the contact center: 8-800-100-27-37, where the code word you will subscribe to a service or fill a request and will call you back. You can also contact one of the offices of the Bank Acceptance.