Yury Sokolov: that actually executed the Director of

Crime 25/12/19 Yury Sokolov: that actually executed the Director of “yeliseyevsky”

Yuri K. Sokolov, Director of the Metropolitan yeliseyevsky shop, in 1984 was sentenced to death for embezzlement. But in fact, on trial, Sokolov was not the first time. It is because of the first conviction, according to the biographer Fedor Razzakov, falcons and became a member of city Council, as many of his senior colleagues, like Tregubova and Ambartsumian.

Fraud or rape?

according to the historian Nikolai Zenkovich, author of “Mikhail Gorbachev. Life to the Kremlin,” Yuri K. Sokolov passed all the Great Patriotic war and had multiple combat awards, including the order of the red Star. These facts do not cause the majority of biographers, no doubt. Many no doubt in the fact that after the war, Sokolov some time worked as a taxi driver. However, subsequent events that have occurred in my life the future Director of the country’s largest grocery store, causing researchers differences. So, Mikhail Kozyrev in his book “Underground millionaires: the whole truth about private business in the USSR” mentions that in the 1950-ies Sokolov was convicted of fraud but later acquitted.

Then, according to Kozyrev, Yury Konstantinovich has already worked as a seller. However, Fedor Razzakov, author of “Bandits times of socialism”, argues that the conviction Sokolov was not related to his professional activities. Writes Razzakov, Sokolov, being a taxi driver really cheated their customers, but the authorities learned about the misconduct of his subordinates, chose to simply dismiss Sokolov. But the real life Yuri Sokolov received for rape. However, the RA’zac said that Sokolov was innocent. 2 years later, when the police finally identified the real rapist, Yuri Konstantinovich released.

Downed the girl and the chauffeur of the party chief

But the famous writer Roy Medvedev in his book, “Political portraits. Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov” mentions at once three criminal record of Yuri Sokolov. About two of them, Medvedev prefers not to go into details. However, about one in just a few words, the writer still says. According to Medvedev, one day, perhaps, working as a taxi driver, the falcons hit the road girl. From the received traumas the child died, Yury Konstantinovich was behind bars. In prison he spent several years.

it is Unknown before or after this tragedy, but Sokolov was a personal driver Politburo member and First Secretary of the Moscow city Committee of the CPSU Victor Grishin. This high patronage, according to Roy Medvedev, and allowed Sokolov tried to build such a brilliant career. However, the sins of the past, Yuri Roerich was not possible to hide. According to Fedor Razzakov, because of a conviction (or convictions) Director “Eliseevsky” and became a Deputy of the Moscow city Council, like many of his colleagues, like Nikolai Tregubov, head of Megatorg, or Director of Dzerzhinskaya produce office Mkhitar Ambartsumian.

Andropov against the patron Sokolov

Although, it should be noted that without membership in the Moscow city Council, Yuri Sokolov served in the Metropolitan hierarchy is not the last place. But the wrath of Yuri Andropov, who took the course in the fight against corruption, was directed not against Sokolov. At least, thinks so Andrey Konstantinov, the author of the book “Corrupt Russia”. According to Konstantinov, in 1982, Brezhnev’s health left much to be desired, and “gray cardinal” Suslov has died. It was then at the summit and the struggle for power. The Chairman of the KGB, it was necessary to decapitate his entourage, which included the above mentioned, Viktor Grishin. Familiarity with Sokolov, allegedly caught red-handed on a bribe, discredited Grishina could not be better.

moreover, if he believesü M. Davydova and I. Prokhorova, the authors of the publication “Quest “Moscow”. 10 adventure trails”, Sokolov initially counted on the support of his friends in high places, but, realizing that from it all turned away, began to give testimony against them. Went to the ex-patron Director of “yeliseyevsky”, Viktor Grishin. According to Alla barakhova in his book “Case No 3”, to his wife after the trial, Sokolova was approached by the investigator and said that nobody expected the death sentence expected by 10-12 years of imprisonment and nothing more. Finally, the investigator said: “It’s not our decision, it is the decision of the city Committee.”

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